Comment on Otaku Stalk Aya Hirano: “Hunt Her Down & Bite Her Meat!” by BZou:

HAH! this shit is hilarious, LOVE IT. I wonder wtf they would’ve done if they managed to find her.

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  • Cheating Prevention Chinese Style:
    is this real lol? Cause damn it would suck if it is. I keep thinking this is just some snapshot from a porno or something.

  • Lucent Heart Item Dupers Face 10 Year Fraud Sentences:
    This is just plain retarded. I understand there having to be a consequence to such actions but going as far as prosecution and jail time seems a bit too extreme. This is going down a very very bad road, reminds me of how people got arrested and sentenced for being pedophiles for having loli based doujin.

  • Akiba Golden Showers:
    I hope to god its fake but hmmm at the same time Itd be awesome if it was real, just funny. Iono I can see it being real down in Japan…

  • Anime Maker Seeks Arrest of Hyakko Critics:
    that is just weird, its an opinion for christ sakes. I can say I dont like something and think its crap… Although I really liked Hyakko though….

  • Principal Beats Schoolboy in Train Rampage:
    I don’t know about Japan but over here the “I was drunk” excuse does not help you one bit, in fact it might make things worse.


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