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Macross F Vol.1 Blu-ray Huge Success, Sales Top 35,000


Oricon reports sales of the first volume of Macross F in Blu-ray have topped 35,000 since its release in late July, making it the 1# selling Blu-ray disc in Japan for 2008.

Sales of series receiving simultaneous DVD and Blu-ray releases such as Code Geass, Macross F and Gundam 00 have been difficult to accurately track, as Oricon (the main Japanese tracker of statistics on CDs, DVDs, etc.) has not yet begun releasing timely charts of Blu-ray sales as they do for DVDs…

Macross F’s impressive sales bode well for the future of anime releases on Blu-ray to accelerate in pace, especially as anime has been the most successful genre of Blu-ray in terms of sales for 2008.

Only premiere titles such as Gundam and Macross have been receiving simultaneous Blu-ray/DVD releases (Strike Witches is notable for its lack of a Blu-ray version), but this should eventually change as more and more anime releases convert to the new format.

Some notable new Blu-ray releases include older anime classics, such as the Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer movie, and a special edition of the 1995 Ghost in The Shell movie entitled Ghost in The Shell 2.0.


Comparison of Blu-ray (left) and Terrestrial Digital (right) versions. Personally, I can’t see any difference, but I assume some people can?

Via Oricon.

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