Touhou Project Plushies


This series of stuffed plushies of characters from the doujin shooting game franchise Touhou Project will soon include huggable versions of Sakuya and Remilia, joining the already released Marisa and Reimu.

In a rather strange mixture of the doujin and professional worlds, the series of dolls are designed by doujin circle ANGELTYPE, but produced by Gift, makers of PVC figures such as the Ero-Moe Yoko figure recently featured here.

Remilia Scarlet



Sakuya Izayoi


Marisa Kirisame (Re-release)



Reimu Hakurei (Re-release)


As you can see in the above picture shown on Gift’s website, Gift is not being discreet about the sale of these dolls. One could wonder what ZUN, creator of the Touhou doujin game series, thinks about this.

ANGELTYPE’s website says that it is unlikely that the plushies will be available for sale at their Comiket 75 booth, so buyers will need to turn to mail-order.

The Touhou plushies will be available for sale on January 2009 at several online stores such as Amiami and Toranoana, all linked to from Gift’s website. The new Remilia and Sakuya dolls should go for ¥2,940, and the re-release versions of Marisa and Reimu will cost ¥2,625.

Unfortunately for international customers, the stores listed only ship domestic, so overseas Touhou fans must look to other means of acquiring these plushies.

See more pictures at Moe to Webu.


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