Yoko Ero-Moe Figure, by Gift


Relative newcomer to the figure making business Gift will soon be releasing this attractive figure of redhead Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, with pre-orders having recently opened.

The figure will be a 1/5 PVC, sculpted by 近藤貴之 / Takayuki Kondo, probably most known for his excellent Louise Fairy’s Bustier ero-figure (viewable at Hobby Search).


Yoko’s leather apparel looks splendid here. Her face (more visible in the first photo) particularly interests me – my initial thought was that it was slightly off and did not look exactly like Yoko, but on further reflection I concluded that it is actually a good representation of her.

Perhaps it simply that we usually don’t get to see Yoko donning such a lovely moe expression as she is here?


The sculpt of Yoko’s knee socks seems superb, which can be said for pretty much all the sculpting work on this figure.



This picture, from Mika-tan’s, shows the fine detailing on her bikini’s back straps.


A lovely shitapai shot.



The Yoko Gift Version will be available in April 2009, for a retail price of ¥8,800, which is impressive, as this is a 1/5 figure.

Interested international customers can pick her up for ¥8,360 at Hobby Search.


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