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Touhou Creator ZUN to Masses: No Touhou for You


Creator of the Touhou doujin shooting game series and notorious hat fetishist ZUN has expressed his discontent at the possibility of Touhou transcending the doujin sphere and becoming a fully developed commercial franchise; he expressly enjoins doujin publishers to restrict the availability of their works and not to promote them to the general public (apparently defined as people who don’t play his games).

In fact, in laying down a long and detailed set of regulations he has issued what many interpret as strong criticism of the much anticipated unofficial anime, due at C75.

After excusing himself from actually attending C75, he leaves this lengthy postscript:

“Also, word of the Touhou anime on which a certain circle is working on has reached me. As Touhou is game without voicing, the prospect of big name seiyuu voicing the characters and this being mistaken for an official arrangement worries me.”

“Certainly, as it’s a doujin project basically you can make anything, but if you make too big a splash I think it it’s troubling to me and the other circles. I’m especially concerned about the prospect of fans who are mainly into the anime becoming a class of Touhou fans who do not play the games, as it seems highly likely this will result in it being mistaken as official.”

“The same goes for other Touhou doujin works:

Make sure everyone who comes into possession of them realises they are fan made.

Don’t overstep the mark in promoting your works (especially by promoting to people who aren’t already familiar with Touhou).

Restrict distribution of your works.

If you heed these points, I believe we can avoid any confusion. I would like you to continue creating in that vein.”

These don’t apply to him appearing on TV, it would appear.

He also issues a long and onerous set of regulations over how he would like to see Touhou products handled; a few points stand out:

“All distribution must be limited … to only venues which distribute our games.”

“Also, even for circles which are not commercial operations, distribution and promotion of products in a fashion which exceeds the extent of doujinshi (for example selling the products in a normal book or game shop) should not be undertaken.”

“Resistance to commercialising these works is lessening… there are still no clear guidelines as to what is acceptable.”

“… but should you wish to distribute a doujin product in a commercial fashion, that is basically something we cannot allow.”

All this has caused quite a stormily mixed reaction, especially since it practically singles out the anime as an undesirable (or very nearly so) project; many fans actually agree, seeing it as an assault on ZUN’s authority and a gateway to (full as opposed to small scale) commercialisation.

A wide variety of opinions seem to be in evidence, but most notable are those who decry the upstarts who ignore ZUN’s wishes, and who spread confusion about the nature of Touhou, and those who view his statements as little more than diktat; these more sceptical voices tend to be less than appreciative of what they see as the pompous and arrogant way the orders have been handed down.

One of the more convincing arguments on offer is that this is indeed a case of ZUN starting to get delusions of grandeur, or possibly simply becoming upset that his games, and thus his influence, have been eclipsed.

Touhou in this view is seen less as stemming from a single author (who it must be remembered only created a series of shooting games with minimally elaborated characters and mediocre production values; the great bulk of the works are elaborated on by fans), than as being a collaborative project with thousands of participants.

Since it does indeed seem that without such vibrant fan participation ZUN’s shooting games would have been consigned to obscurity, this explanation seems to carry no small weight.

Whatever the case, it seems Touhou is at a crossroads, where it can either transform into a fully realised pseudo-commercial franchise, with pro-seiyuu already staking their claims, whilst still being intimately tied to the doujin world, or attempt to curtail the growth in its popularity by consolidating the fanbase around ZUN’s shooting games, which are of limited appeal to many who otherwise express interest in the world of Touhou.


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  • But many fans just want a high quality TOUHOU anime, even if non-canon. It can be a totally new Touhou that has no canon relations to the current Windows games much like how the current Windows Games have no canon ties to the classic PC-98 games.

  • I believe there is an answer to all your worries. All the worries are separating ZUN from Others. If ZUN collaborates and has, lets say a bigger share in a project like Anime. Then that Touhou would become another branch of him, it will also celebrate his original and ZUN will still have control over it. Taken he does everything properly. In this case the question lies, would the peoples who he wants to work in a project with give him the control that he wants to over Touhou in and over that project like he has in his original Touhou~? ^^

  • ZUN…is just scared of what his anime will become. He doesn’t want it to get out of control like some anime out there (Pokemon, and someone said). You have to understand, put yourself in his shoes. Although i do understand that he may be going overboard, he’s just being protective of something he loves and possibly we all love.

    While he is rather overprotective of it, I still see where he comes from. But I also see where people opposing him come from.

    Either way, I don’t want Touhou to get out of control. YEs there’s a chance it won’t be that way, but I don’t deal in chance. And I don’t think ZUN does either.

    • if anything, it’ll divide the fandom. take pokemon, for example. some people play only the games and will talk about ebs and natures and stuff. some fans play only the tcg, some only watch the anime and movies, and some are a mix.

      if he wants touhou to be a pure danmaku franchise, then he should just say so without having to bash other fan-made things. if it’s a copyright issue then ZUN by all means sue.

      in any case, he makes money, right? i for one don’t think he should be complaining, but he is right for stressing the fact that the anime isn’t official. he should get at least royalties for it.

  • You know, one of the problems of ZUN is that he doesn’t know how to make stories well. Most of the time he just makes a plot for the game to give reasons for the old and new characters to mess around but doesn’t take the story too seriously and lacking characterizations. Of course that will cause the fans to make their own stories to fill up the absence of the character’s stories. I’m aware that he made stories on doujin comics or mangas out of Touhou but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Just take the example of Silent Sinner in Blue which he officially made. Honestly, it’s not that good and this is not merely the artist’s fault which ZUN asked to draw and some fans seem to blame but it’s his fault as well. If he’s not going to fill up the gap of the flaws of Touhou, then he shouldn’t be mad if some people are trying to make their own version of Touhou.

  • I’ve just recently discovered the touhou project and I must say, I’m completely blown away by it. How I came about it was through a search for a good shmup. As a gamer, I can understand ZUN’s sentiments in this matter. Even as an artist, I understand where he’s coming from – and from what I’ve failed to see in these post is that this man is an artist. Let’s not forget this man single-handely created the touhou series; in art, music and game. I feel this is what he had originally intended for his work. Of course, ZUN should feel blessed, honored even, that his hard work has generated a community of devoted fans – fans that have, obviously, shown much love. I understand he doesn’t want those not familiar with touhou to see this anime’ and believe this it’s “official”. I don’t know, this situation just feels like a spell-card being casted on us: beautiful, but deadly at the same time.

  • Anon The Czar says:

    Must be saying: “Give credit to where credit’s due, bitch.”
    And indeed it surely is due. Maybe he should go the Pixel route and team up with Nicalis to release remakes of the PC-98 Touhou games (MAYbe Windows ones later on).

  • I somewhat know what ZUN means. The perfect example and probably what he has on his mind is Pokemon. As we all know, Pokemon was once known as a great gaming trend, but the anime, with its childish antics, turned alot of people off to pokemon, and I think ZUN is afraid of this as well. But this series needs more depth than it has. ZUN has created a monster, he made something he thought was a “college project” but also made a great plot and characters and a simple shooting game never covered much of what fans wanted to know. This caused some fan-fiction that became both popular and indirect. A perfect example is the infamous Flandre. She is know for her difficulty and boss theme, but other than being described as “Nuts”, not much has been explained. This has spawned some stupid yet somewhat realistic fan-fic., like some I have seen show a total monster of Flandre, wanting to destroy everything, and calling her sister a “bitch” constantly, yet others I have seen her afraid of her own powers and wanting to protect others from her power, hell, I have even seen one where Remilia has sex with a woman, and it wasn’t hentai either. ZUN let us taste the cake, but not have it too. My advice to ZUN is to work with the company and make OVAs’, but not full blown anime like Bleach or naruto. He should also put on the front of every episode, “based on the Touhou shooting games” because we aren’t ignorant, as many here have said, we can all google and research and it won’t be hard to stumble onto the games, and love them. In closing, I see this as a window to the games, something to extend the hand of Touhou, not put a glove over it.

  • Hmm. How did I come upon Touhou… I believe I saw a flash from the nico nico douga kumikyoku. The flashes have voices. Why isn’t ZUN cracking down on those? Yet I believe he right to act like this. Up to a certain extent. Creating rules is almost crossing the line of influential creator to Overlord.

  • “my interpretation of Zun’s.

    Anime attracts newbfags.

    Newbfags think they know everything, just because they watched the anime, which happened to be a fan work.

    Newbfags suck. Big time.

    Touhou becomes overloaded with newbfags.

    Touhou sucks.”

    I agree with the above.

  • I don’t get the part when he says,

    “Don’t overstep the mark in promoting your works (especially by promoting to people who aren’t already familiar with Touhou).”

    What does that mean?

    If were you to draw touhou doujins, I don’t understand the boundary around that and with promoting your works part.

    • Don’t promote your doujins to people who haven’t experienced the real thing. Why would you indulge yourself in a fanbased franchise instead of the actual thing. ZUN wants people to play his game. He’s afraid new people will believe the fanmade anime is/should be the original. If you created a game and a fanbase was formed around something that someone else BASED on your game and looked down upon the original source, how would you feel? I think that’s how ZUN is feeling with maikaze’s anime. By the way, I’ve been wondering how the helllll did he manage to get professional seiyuu?!

  • my interpretation of Zun’s.

    Anime attracts newbfags.

    Newbfags think they know everything, just because they watched the anime, which happened to be a fan work.

    Newbfags suck. Big time.

    Touhou becomes overloaded with newbfags.

    Touhou sucks.

  • I’ve never played the Touhou games before (Judging from the Wiki pics, they ain’t up to my tastes. Little floating bubbles being shot across the screen? Give me Halo 3 anyday), but I don’t see why its creator has to make such an ass out of himself. Why can’t he just demand royalty funds, allow the anime to become official/commercial, and be happy with his money? I mean, isn’t that what the creators of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (a doujin game that has a pretty famous anime) did?

    • ZUN really enjoys making his games. He makes them because he couldn’t find a fun game for himself, so he was like: I’ll make my own game, and it’ll be awesome!! The only thing he needs the money for is for beer.

      ZUN will be making his games untill he dies of alcohol poisoning.

      We all know that almost every game that started small but went commercial went down the drain (Sonic games, for example), because they needed to please their so-called new “fanbase”. They changed things in the games to please this new fanbase.
      But because they didn’t pay attention to the original fanbase, the original fanbase gets smaller and smaller.
      And everyone knows that people in the “new fanbase” will never be a fan of the same game for longer than 2 months, and thus, the fanbase just got even smaller.

      (I can’t really explain what I think, my english ain’t great. 🙁

  • BunchofKidsnIdiots says:

    For once I totally feel attuned to ZUN. Not everything has to be become totally business (damn you all pirates and capitalists), as long as its for doujin-dom, its all fine and dandy, but to see one’s creation being ‘mutated’ into ways that are beyond recognizable even by the creator(s) does bring do bring alot of pain.

    And too, its the shame that many whiners (yes, whiners) do not really understand anything about Touhou.

  • Still, you have to deal with commercialization, legalisation and what’s not. If not handled properly, can be a serious problem. (One example is , getting a Odex-style letter from maikaze)

    And then there’s the ignorant masses, the “new generation of fans”, whom only follow suit with mainstream (Narutard , Bleah ) stuff and shun everything else.

    Plus the style of the animation isn’t THAT mainstream.. probably.

    • EcureuilMatrix says:

      I have to admit, that of all possible DORAMA sources in the animusphere, I never thought a blog post about ZUN would be the center of the next fandom scrap.

      Oh, well. I guess it’ll calm down sometime?

  • Everyone talks as if ZUN actually disapproves the anime, he doesn’t. He encourages doujin circles to make their own anime in a past interview, and assumes that the Maikaze crew doesn’t want unexpected trouble too. (Well, he didn’t explicitly point out which circle doesn’t want the trouble…) It is reasonable that he doesn’t want the new anime to eclipse the existing fandom, and he asks the relevant people not to over-promote it for that reason.

    Sure, he might be missing out on a huge potential market by limiting the anime, but who said ZUN was out for profit? He’s got a decent job at Taito and he’s only making Touhou for fun. I’d wager he’d like to keep it that way.

  • Looking at all this and the problem itself you can see two flows of this streaming river. First, ZUN doesn’t like a fan-for-fans creation to become comercial and to forget it’s beginning, what it’s really acceptable and understandable; second one, being a doujin creation, this is really out of word because, this world, Touhou world, was from the start for people to like it… in this maybe i got wrong, but, it is only my point of view.
    This is a story for people. If the people look more for other than the roots (the game i really like and enjoy) it’s the choice of the fans. Lots of people don’t know that Touhou it’s a Curtain Shooting game and take it settled like something some other people made and enjoys with it.
    As i see this, you like more the game you’ll be on ZUN’s side, you like the world of touhou and don’t like or don’t know of the game, you maybe on the other side. It’s only a matter of you like this or you don’t. You can take any side and it’ll be right.
    And from what i see, ZUN does not want the adaptation because it could become on something bigger that may eclipse the game and it’s basis of doujin creation.

    The only way to settle this is the same old way that really end with wars(Yeah, right XD), sitting in and discussing it until it’s done for.

    PD: Sorry if I commit mistakes in the writting, i don¡t speak english so it was hard for me ^-^u

  • I don’t understand the controversy. Doujinshi isn’t, and never has been, a copyleft free-for-all. Its existence depends on mutual understanding and respect between creators and creator-fans, and avoiding overt-commercialism is the most crucial (and tenuous, at present) tenent of doujinshi. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about ZUN’s requests, only that he is put in a position to do so.

    • I know exactly what I’m talking about, but many will disagree with what I am saying.

      The link you posted, aside from being a tremendously amusing anti-Complex site, gives a translation which is practically the same as the one I gave here – both are perfectly adequate. As I said, the difference is in the interpretation.

      Critically interpreting ZUN’s actions is not “twisting the truth”, no matter how upsetting rabid ZUN fans may find it.

      • It is pretty clear from reading your article that your personal opinion is completely one-sided with the fandom and pays little respect to the original creator. The rhetoric and arguments mainly take aim at ZUN and his supporters rather than provide an unbiased translation of the original post. At least, this is how your critical interpretation comes across to me. Its fine to hold your position, but many fans read these articles simply to get an idea of what is going on. Yes, many people on 2chan have expressed similar views, but many others interpret it differently as well. At least take up both positions in the article so that fans are able to decide more clearly for themselves instead of just raising the pitch forks and calling for blood.

  • ZUN is slightly full of BS considering I just ordered quite a few official things outside of comiket.

    I don’t remember but wasn’t also the latest Touhou game released on the ‘street?’

    Anyway, I agree with him that trying to profit off the franchise is a bad thing, espcially if the aim is to get by without his licensing approval.

    On the other hand, bad mouthing my precious Suigintou deserves a severe severe punishment. If she wants to make a Touhou video, then there will be a Touhou video made.

  • From what i perceive, ZUN is having some delusions of grandeur and sees that doujins based on his work are getting more fame and eclipsing his.

    Why not him join in to the touhou anime project and “cash-in”?

  • StahnAileron says:

    So basically…ZUN’s concerned/being protective of a child he bred and raise and seems about ready to leave the nest?

    After skimming the comments (I do apologize if my comments may sem off…Way too many comments to read and sort through, so I just skimmed), maybe he’s just being something of an overly protective parent?

    I know I might get a bit possessive if something I made got turned into something bigger and possibly something I never intended it to be. Even more so if someone starts passing it off as their own. (Or as seeming in this case, gets mistaken as a creation of someone else’s labor, with regards to the Doujin anime.)

    I think he’s just trying to make sure the roots of the franchise don’t get lost in commercialization. Perhaps making sure it keeps focus and on-track. There’re many instances of a franchise getting out of hand and the quantity starts exceeding the quality…Or the original point of it gets lost and the subsequent works barely have anything to do with the original theme/idea/focus.

    But, as it can also be interpreted, he’s just pissed about people infringing on his Intellectual Property without him having any input on it.

    Who knows, it can be either when read in just text without accompanying audio to truly judge his tone and intent.

    Let’s just hope Touhou’s future is a bright one. Last thing we want is for another fun/good franchise to go down the hole…(Minami-ke Okawari and Nanoha StrikerS, in comparision to their respective previous season(s) at least.)

  • I love how many of you are so quick to attack the creator of the series you seem to enjoy so much. Yes, Touhou’s popularity is mainly attributed to the fanworks. But without the games and original music that Zun churns out (as a hobby) every year, the fandom would eventually stagnate and die. You can only remix the same song or draw the same character so much before interest falls.

    And as Solamarle stated previously, the tone of this article seems really off. Its more like a direct attack on ZUN and his original work. Not saying I agree, but he has every right to show concern about his own series going mainstream. Something unique to Touhou is that the obscure nature of the canon works give fans a lot of room for interpretation and to formulate their own works. Much of this room will be lost when the amount of canon increases, which will be the case for commercialization.

    And with people saying that ZUN wants to keep all the money to himself or earn the most, what the hell is wrong with you? He barely eks out a living from his games and works for Taito as his real job. IOSYS on the other hand has made enough to buy foreign cars. You have never seen the guy complain once.

    Its great that so many of you are hyped up about the anime. But seriously, get some facts straight before jumping on the bandwagon and raging.

    • I don’t think ZUN has gone particularly overboard here. He’s in a somewhat unique position, as it turns out, because there are very few precedents for what’s going on. We’re looking at a doujin series which has spawned an unofficial doujin project with exponentially higher production values than the original. You can’t say that about Tsukihime, for instance, because the anime and later derivative works were made with the co-operation and explicit approval of Type Moon.

      It doesn’t make sense to say he wants more money. If he wanted more, he would have just jumped on the Maikaze bandwagon, done some work for them (BGM, anyone?) as he did with the Tasogare Frontier fighting games, given it his official stamp, and raked in the cash.

      ZUN is looking at Touhou and thinking that commercialization is at the door, and he’s probably also looking at the closest possible comparison: Type-Moon. Anyone know what happened to them? They seem to have fallen off the face of the earth after releasing Little Busters, and their fanbase seems to have been dwindling steadily. Whether or not this is because of commercialization is debatable, but in his mind there may be a strong correlation.

      On the one hand, I can see why some people are upset about what they perceive as elitism. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to claim that there is some elitism at work here. On the other hand, as someone who’s been in Western Touhou fandom before the ludicrous explosion of popularity on 4chan, I can personally say that it sure seemed like there were a lot fewer asshats in Touhou fandom before that happened.

      Putting all this together, my guess is:
      1. ZUN figures (rightly or wrongly) that a mass influx of fans runs the risk of causing damage to the community, whereas a slow trickle would not.
      2. IOSYS already triggered one “big wave”, and ZUN isn’t sure he likes the results. (There’s this “What is Touhou?” video on Nico which starts out with “Touhou is not an eroge”.) But he has to live with them.
      3. Maikaze and/or commercialization represent a second potential singularity. ZUN is resigned to the fact that it will happen, but wants to make sure the wave isn’t too big.
      4. ZUN is in despair, gets pleasantly drunk, and smashes out a list of commandments on his blog. Because his judgment is alcohol-impaired, he doesn’t realize that this isn’t the best way to go about it.
      5. Q.E.D. (Ripples of 495 Years).

      And yes, I have to call Artefact out on the tone of this report. “Convincing argument… delusions of grandeur”, for instance, is very, very weaselly writing. If you have an opinion, come out and say it.

      P.S. For me, the shooting games are still the best part of the phenomenon. Watching big-name seiyuu in animu and fapping over armpits are pleasant diversions, but hardly “the soul of Touhou”. I wouldn’t call a person a soccer fan if he/she owned a roomful of Ronaldo memorabilia but never once bothered to watch a soccer game.

      • StahnAileron says:

        I gotta agree with Artefact. Everyone’s got an opinion…But one’s opinion is usually a tad bit more valid when the facts used to support it are accurate. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a comparision argument where the comparision is THAT inaccurate.

        TYPE-MOON’s making a crackload of money off it major property. The Fate series has several games made (most recent on mind is the Unlimited Codes fighter, due out on PS2 on the 18th this month…Been in arcades for a few months now…), a 24 ep anime, and the original game series itself was expanded.

        The Tsukihime franchise for now is mostly living on in the doujin-based fighting game based on it, Melty Blood. Heck, a new revision was released in arcades fairly recently. Though I do think Tsukihime’s gone to the way-side a bit with Fate’s popularity overshadowing it currently.

        I won’t even bother with the Little Busters mistake…Artefact’s post suffices for that…

        For now, I’ll take ZUN’s statements as wanting to prevent his franchise from becoming overly diluted from a large influx in the fan-base. They’ll be people like “anime” fans that only watch DBZ and Naruto and nothing else, but call themselves “otaku”; NOBODY wants that type of people in the fandom, as it create flame wars and such. (I’m sure we’ve all seen it.)

        I honestly liked anime when it was considered a “niche” market in the West, as finding fellow fans was hard, but those you did meet knew what the hell they were talking about. Today, talking to some “anime” fans is like listening to an infommercial about the latest and greatest fad anime.

        Maybe ZUN is trying to prevent something like that from happening. I’m guessing this is kinda/sorta like what you were talking about with point 1 of your interpretation (damage to the community)? Maybe he just wants the Touhou community to stay “pure” (I.E. well informed and true fans of Touhou for the original idea it was born from) rather than full of a bunch of mis-informed wanna-be idiots who are just along for the ride in the popularity wave. (<<<=== Lord knows I hate the latter type of “fans” in the anime community…)

        Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Stahn, you are absolutely correct (in my opinion); that is my interpretation in a nutshell. There are some people who claim that that way of thinking is “elitist” and that the only way for a series to be successful is to become a massive, ramified commercial entity in the vein of Naruto or Bleach or Pokemon. The most extreme of these claim that a series’ merit is equivalent to its popularity. I have encountered people like that on other sites. I did not like them very much, but that is another story for another time.

          (rant mode, not aimed at anyone in particular)

          Now we all know that not all series which get huge in that way are necessarily bad. However, once a fanbase reaches a certain critical mass, divisions are bound to occur, simply by virtue of the fact that the different parts of the fanbase like very different things. Eventually you can get to a situation where majority tastes begin to dictate the direction of the work; if the work was not originally something which would appeal to such tastes, then you get dilution.

          The astute reader will now, no doubt, object that only commercial franchises can be diluted in this way, because the company presumably does it to expand the fanbase and bring in more cash. This is partially true, because a small-scale doujin work is still beholden to the canon laid down by the author. But I believe Touhou has grown to an extent where dilution can happen completely outside of the author’s control.

          Let’s do a little thought experiment. Consider that “wonderful” Soundholic Touhou anime (not the Maikaze one). Now let us imagine a parallel universe where that anime had had the same story, but did not suck. In other words, this is a universe where Soundholic released a “Touhou” anime that was of amazing quality, had a cast of top-notch seiyuu, and won legions of fans – but still had much the same plot and themes as the version in our universe: space battleships, male characters, little or no danmaku. What would have happened?

          My best guess is that the fanbase would be split, and you’d see some of the casual Touhou fans – those who hadn’t bothered with the games and just read a couple of doujinshi and collected a folder of pics – wandering into the Soundholic camp. And you would get a lot of new fans who had nothing to do with the games. This is all fine and dandy, except that if you happen to like the “old” Touhou, you have suddenly become tarred with the same brush as the anime fans whenever you say you’re a Touhou fan, and are forced to explain “oh, I like Touhou, but not the anime.” Then you get some very funny looks. Worse, although nearly all of the anime fans are perfectly swell guys, there are a few folks among them who actively dislike the games and would like nothing better than to erase them and their adherents from the sphere of “Touhou” altogether. (I think this may already be happening. But I have no proof yet.)

          In this universe, what does ZUN do? Remember that he is in the “old fans” camp. If he were a commercial entity, he could start suing asses and taking names. But there are two problems with this approach:
          1. ZUN is not a commercial entity and doesn’t want to be, if past history is any indication.
          2. ZUN doesn’t have the ethical right to sue people for a doujin work, even if he legally could do so.
          So he sits back and keeps on producing games, and pretty soon you get two Touhous. One, the larger (anime), is full of space battleships, yelling men and the occasional loli. The other is full of bullets, hats and the occasional loli, and its growth is being stifled because potential fans are either sucked into the orbit of the larger one, or actively repulsed by it. This isn’t the growth or expansion of Touhou, it is (for want of a better word) a parasitic organism.

          Sounds far-fetched? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Already, in our own universe, the focus has begun shifting from the bullets to the girls, and ZUN has had to bite his tongue. (I assume he likes girls, so he hasn’t had that much reason to complain. Yet.) But the thing is that he still has to rely on the goodwill of the community to minimize this dilution, and – more dangerously – he has to rely on the community’s willingness to keep their works, at least the huge ones, close to the spirit of the source material. Hence this proclamation.

          Summary: Touhou, being a doujin work, is more susceptible to mutation than a commercial work would be. ZUN can, and has had to,live with a certain degree of mutation. However, if some third-party Touhou work goes commercial, the most likely effect is massive expansion. If the third-party work is not in the spirit of the original (and most good third-party work, while it is good, isn’t quite the same), then it, or rather the growth that results, fundamentally changes the landscape and can cause schisms and divisions.

          And a concluding thought: For a body to grow in a healthy manner, the DNA of each new cell has to be identical to the original. Minor changes can usually be survived, although they do lead to aging (I believe; I am not a biologist). However, if there is a major change in the DNA, then it can lead to the formation of neoplasm – new growth. Neoplasm isn’t always terrible; as I understand it, if it doesn’t result from a major DNA change, then it is often harmless. However, we have a name for neoplasm which results from major changes in the DNA. It’s called cancer.

          (p.s. Believe me, I am mortified about the Little Busters thing. But I can’t really take that back, so… *shrug*)

      • Type-Moon – didn’t they make millions from Fate, haven’t they got an anime due shortly, as well as several games in development? Isn’t Eri Takenashi reaping huge rewards right now? And isn’t Little Busters by Key? Search this site for details on all these.

        Your grasp of the facts is less than reassuring.

        And go and read 2ch if you want evidence of what people are saying – they certainly do say that, and I agree with the interpretation, which is why I highlighted it.

        • Zepy did not make any interpretation. This article is not about the tedious details of ZUN’s announcement, it is about the direction and development of an unusual media formation, and the rather unique manner in which this has turned out. And objectivity is something for the natural sciences, not a discussion of art or entertainment.

          What you get when you come here is what people want, nothing more and nothing less. It is a reflection of the audience in this respect, and so perversely is perhaps more neutral than you realise.

        • >> It is as objective as you will find in a discussion of Touhou.

          Sorry, but I find Zepy’s interpretation far more objective. (Disregarding the commenters, of course.) For that matter, Stahn looks to have done a much better job of objective analysis than your original post.

          >> Many people also say ZUN is beyond reproach, your point being?

          That your use of phraseology like “many fans actually agree” to selectively highlight ZUN’s opponents while ignoring his supporters is disingenuous, and that the use of “many fans” is fundamentally not a valid way to support your position or any other.

          I suppose I’ll shut up now. I come here for interesting articles, not to nit-pick. But then I don’t come here for tabloidesque sensationalism either, which leads me to wonder whether I should reconsider coming here in the first place.

        • My bad on Little Busters; I realized that about 2 hours after posting. Thanks for the correction. Having missed the memo about Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, it did seem as though Type-Moon had gone very very quiet.

          Yes, I’ll freely admit that my grasp of the facts *about Type-Moon* is less than reassuring. If it helps you or others at all, they may feel free to ignore any and all mention of them.

          As for the report, thank you for stating your position clearly in this reply. Part of the problem is that, whether intended or not, your report doesn’t look like an opinion piece. It looks like an opinion piece thinly disguised as an objective analysis, which I don’t find very impressive – and it seems I’m not alone, judging by all the flak flying around here. Many people may be saying that ZUN is an idiot, but then many people on 2ch say that Japan ought to start ethnic cleansing against zainichi Koreans.

  • From what I see, ZUN actually okay if doujin circle get famous because of his creation.


    He didn’t want anyone else gain money alot more than himself.


    You can make money using my creation but whatever amount you got, I MUST the most highest one!

  • I do play with the games sometimes…but the last three of them crashes on my PC…better graphics…less computers the games work on, true here as well…but I do want to see the anime and whatever else is made as long as it works on my computer, anything Tohou is good to have.

  • Zun only wants the money and the glory.
    His art certainly is a shit and the only ones who have maintained a level of acceptable quality are the fans.
    Zun is clearly afraid that their creation shines more like an anime that the game.

    • That’s what I thought too. ZUN hates foreigners playing his games, is a major control freak, only wants to keep his fanbase of hardcore bullet-dodgers, and his art sucks.

      Has he seriously ever considered that some of his fans couldn’t possibly finish the games no matter how hard they tried, and thus, wouldn’t be able to grasp more of the story for themselves, even when they desperately want to?

      I say he’s an elitist dick.

      • What’s he trying to prevent is a wave of “WHAT? TOUHOU IS A GAME? OH WELL.” fans (God knows how many of those exist right now anyways) or is worried that after pretty much all this near unlimited freedom that he gave the circles to work with regarding his characters that once the anime sweeps in, then people will start thinking that is how they are supposed to be and it will ruin their ability to accept the characters to be presented as anything else, especially when it comes to the actual canon material.

        • Hell, the very reason why I decided to stop being a lazy bastard and put forth the effort to create the Touhou panel I plan to do at Sakura-con was because of ‘s “Wait. Touhou is a game?” line.

          I love this series, and have seen plenty of series ruined or taken a blow at least as a result of their transition to an anime from their original source material because too many people assume that the anime is the original source material and don’t do anything to correct their misconceptions thus they in turn say that the series sucks for something that was the result of the anime and not the series itself.

        • There are as many translations as there are translators, there is no problem with finding others.

          What I do not agree with is stating “this other one is the ‘real’ translation” – you may as well say (technical errors aside) that “this opinion is wrong, this is the real opinion”.

          Especially where somebody is just selecting a translation to get at what they want to hear…

        • I don’t see a problem if the guy and other people want to find alternative translations. Articles here usually have a sensationalist bent, and if that puts them off somewhat, they may prefer a way to find a middle ground from what they read up on, which in the end would be their choice.

          Even I got a different tone when I translated the content of the blog post for a friend.

        • Useless, because I can actually decide based on direct reading and experience, rather than second hand opinion?

          As I said before, interpretations (by Japanese) fall into two basic camps, those worshipful and those sceptical, which is the same cleft you see in the English comments here. Some fall strongly into one camp and thus seek out an interpretation and translation which supports them.

  • The larger a franchise Touhou evolves into, the lesser control ZUN will have over the the serial. Evidently this is a situation he is wanting to avoid, as he seems a huge control freak. However, it may be that he doesn’t quite grasp the whole situation of his Touhou phenomena – I don’t know how many others followed this trend but I only heard of Touhou through exposure of its fan base, namely its huge tidal waves of impressive art galleries on countless sites. It was about a month before I figured out all this fan structure originated from simple doujin games, and have only played some of the games do to my already existing interest driven by the colourful fan base. In this way it is can be argued that the Touhou fan base does indeed exceed the actual Products and therefore it is a bit silly to downplay the distribution means or methods of the franchise as he’s not going to find many new people playing his games unless they hear about them first, and direct advertisement of the hard-as-heck Danmaku shooters may be rather intimidating. Along the same line, how many people would of been interested in playing Strike Witches games before getting into the anime series? Mainstream exposure will not necessarily diminish the doujin appeal – if anything it could possibly expand it. Either way, ZUN is reminding me greatly of Bill Waterson who absolutely refused to commercialize his Calvin and Hobbes comics aside from publishing collections of the strips as he had decided doing so would invalidate the themes and opinions of many of his strips and of course his own opinions. So on an ethical ground I can agree with why one would refuse “mainstream” commercialization (is this series becoming something not so much about the love of the product as just making money?) but when his argument strays onto the grounds of keeping the series only for the fans of the games, I think he might of already lost that battle a while ago, and is also really an almost conceited and either way not a particularly practical objective.

    • No offense but labeling ZUN as a control freak is a bit excessive. As stated in his lectures, his reason for making Touhou is because he wanted a game that could challenge himself. ZUN has never made much with any of his Touhou games. The reason he makes them is for fun, and he’ll keep making them even if he “loses all his fans in the process.” The guy is aware of the extent of the Touhou fanbase. He enjoys the doujin works that come from the fans like the rest of us. His concerns with commercialization in my view is more like a concern for the doujin community and what Touhou stands for. If big companies get a hold of the Touhou franchise there will be a lot of change, like setting the personality of characters in stone. Good or bad I don’t know, but I’m leaning towards the latter.

      • I’d like to echo this idea about the whole Doujin thing. Like I said to one of my friends once, I love the whole thing that Touhou is that it belongs to the whole fanbase instead of a company shooting out some facts and end it there.

        I think he wants to try and keep this kind of environment, and not attract people who don’t understand this kind of thing. Way I see it, he’s trying to stop Touhou from becoming what Naruto is in the states.

      • Touche, rereading my post I would agree I sound much more excessive than I intended, so as an after thought keep in mind I don’t necessarily consider being a control freak a morally bad thing – a lot of authors who allow terrible movies based on their novel series need much more of that sentiment – just a type of behavior one feels inclined too. In all honesty, hypothetically placed in a similar situation I hardly would feel trusting of anyone to even publish anything I would make in fear of them screwing up my intentions, so the idea of basically handing over a franchise title to strangers would be quite mortifying. Perhaps, we need a bit more of this mind set on a much larger based scale of economics.

  • With all due respect, I think the tone of this piece is pretty off. Without retranslating all of ZUN’s comments (I don’t want this post to get too long – but I think, generally, has done the tone of the translation way more accurately), his new rules are, I think, best summed up as:
    * You can make pretty much whatever you want, but don’t try to sell derivatives of my work in Book Off; if you limit it to things like doujin shops, doujin events, and mail order – or, roughly, the same way I sell stuff – it should all work out.
    * Even commercial works are generally okay if you give me some advance warning, provide proper attribution, and limit distribution as mentioned above.
    * Try to refrain from excessive mass publicity; especially marketing to people who don’t know who Touhou is.

    Just to insert some of what I think ZUN’s perspective would be, this is a guy who has said he doesn’t like participating too much in the online community or speaking publicly too much, since anything he says will cause a big fuss online. (Pretty prescient there … well, to be fair, pretty fucking obvious, it’s the Internet.) He’s also said he doesn’t want to go too much into official commercial spinoffs of Touhou because it will make the copyright issues surrounding the series needlessly complex. (Both of these comments were made at the gaming event he spoke at last year.) I seriously doubt he’s trying to be a killjoy or steal all the attention for himself; rather, he’s probably just trying to keep the general atmosphere the current Touhou phenomenon has. (Whether or not this is a good way of doing that is certainly up for debate, though.) The rules he’s given here really aren’t any more “onerous” than any of the guidelines he’s given for doing Touhou stuff in the past, and it’s all in line with the “private works” copyright loophole anyway.

    ZUN is not going to take his ball and go home. He’s going to keep doing Touhou as long as it’s fun to do, and I think he’s just trying to keep it fun for as many people as possible (again, it’s certainly up for debate whether this is a good way of doing it). Besides, eventually he’s going to die of alcohol poisoning or give up game development and open a bar, so it’s probably best we enjoy this all while it lasts.

    I kind of sympathize with ZUN’s wish to see Touhou remain a phenomenon where most people are also fans of the original games (it’s nice to see doujin artists’ impressions of the games in afterwords and such, and I like stupid references so I like comics where the punchline is related to the gameplay like Tako has done a few times), but I also think it’s probably futile for the most part, especially now that he’s been doing Bougetsushou. But, I don’t think that the fandom is going to implode either way.

    • The translation you link to admits he can’t even understand parts of the original. Additionally, the tone of the original is austere and fairly formal, more a set of directives than some suggestions.

      I don’t believe for a second the copyright issue is anything but a smokescreen. His latest comments don’t even mention it.

      Surely, he’s just attempting to maintain control over the direction of the franchise he “created”.


          The message in the end stays the same regardless of the tone. Unless you’re able to translate the comments yourself and make your own conclusions based on that, then no matter what, you aren’t going to get the facts straight. The majority of the people who read this site can’t read Japanese at all so they’re left to the translations of others in turn creating their opinions off what someone else felt was the best way to interpret it.

        • Miha, nobody cares about your tired whining about copyright, or your inferiority complex, so you may as well give up on the snide comments.

          Go and direct your wretched complaints against Nico, YouTube or even 4chan, and see how much notice they take of you, or better yet, have you considered doing something productive with yourself?

  • A friend of mine also takes to creating RPG games on our off time. We have always done so with the intention on keeping a low profile, and having the games for the games’ sake. For something we enjoy.

    For that to become commercialized would take away what out original intentions were. It’s not to make a quick buck. Selling it just increases it’s worth in the eyes of the public, and allows more people to see it. He, like us, creates because he enjoys it.
    For us, we wish to tell a story – to invoke a certain feeling from you.

    For Zun, he wants to give you a bullet hell game. The story for him is probably something neat he thought up to tack onto it (which I believe was the case as outlined in one of his interviews). And while he might be alright with the expansion of it and the enjoyment his fans feel from his characters, he doesn’t want it to go beyond what he envisioned for the series.

    After all, the commercialization if nothing else would bring him more money, so there’s no loss there. He just doesn’t want the image of his creations to be skewed in a way he did not intend. Which is why he’s not putting down the doujinshi in general, but the commercialization of his series which it’s starting to bring forth.

  • I can sort of understand ZUN’s feelings. He wants to support the doujin scene for obvious reasons, but the bigger Touhou becomes, the more he loses control of it. The series is in a weird situation.

  • The problem is that knowing the internet, some people WILL think the anime IS official, just look at animeDB, they didn’t bother to put it as a “doujin anime” and it looked like official. I talked to some people over various site about Touhou and IOSYS takes spotlight and their flash vids, now what if an anime sprouted, people will think Maikaze did it etc.

  • While commercialism has heavy drawbacks and the wanting to keep the ZUNinverse free and open for the masses of fans to have absolute creativity and free from all the commercial restrictive bullshit and a work of love, I’ve never understood the appeal of obscurity.

    While I enjoy the games, I wouldn’t know about them at all if it weren’t for them being meme.
    And also, restricting doujin works will only help to keep them to a spot where they’re more likely to disappear off of the face of the earth. Only release 500 copies? That means one Earthquake can take the entire existence of the doujin from the face of the earth.

    And we should be happy that important Seiyuus have graced this project, a doujin project, with their use.

    Basically, an unoffical anime is still an anime. And using official voices just means the doujin community has been graced. So if I were ZUN, I wouldn’t flip out, since the lifeblood of Touhou is that it’s a non-commercial community of fan and creators with absolute non-commercial freedom. And I can only hope this anime does well and doesn’t suffer from ZUN’s words.

    Basically, I share a bit of feeling behind ZUN’s words, but I’m scared of him saying them as well. Restrict Touhou too much, and make fan creators too scared, and you’ll make your own great creative force implode. I don’t want any fanmaker to be discouraged from fanmaking.

    • In the end though, we have to realize that as much as we love the Touhou series, it will die. Maybe later rather than sooner, but it certainly will die out in it’s popularity. As will vocaloids, as will Nagi obsession, all of it.

      For me it’s hard to imagine what the internet and my escapist lifestyle would be like without it, but I can accept it. And I can accept Zun’s feelings for protecting the envisioned outcome of his creation.

      • Ideally Touhou dies when ZUN dies or when he stops making games. Hopefully by that time we’ll be much older. But with the recent ruckus and reaction from some fans, they might just end up killing “the goose who lays the golden egg” a bit earlier than we thought.

    • Obscurity lets ZUN maintain the “soft control” over his characters he’s exerted all these years- he’s never had to tell someone “you can’t do that with those characters” and shut down a work of love. A big project, however, could force his hand.

      For example, what if the anime killed off a character? You could just shrug and say “it’s a doujin”, but it rings a bit hollow with an big-name cast and years of effort. People getting into the scene from the anime would have a slanted view of the series, which (in significant numbers) would create pressure on ZUN to accept the anime as canon. If the anime is successful- and it probably will be- what if people start talking about a series? Things could get ugly fast.

      In short, this could force ZUN to start approving and disapproving of how characters are used- something he’s never done before and probably never wants to do. By saying this now, he’s trying to maintain the status quo- but Touhou’s rising popularity is probably going to change things sooner or later.

  • The way I see it, it really shouldn’t be a big deal at all because the official games and fan works go hand in hand. I started off with the games which eventually lead me to the fanon which in turn keeps me interested in new games and so on.

    If someone new is introduced to Touhou through the Maikaze anime and ends up enjoying it, then they would most likely look on the internet to learn more about it. After all, it isn’t exactly hard to use Wiki or Google.

    I don’t see how restricting doujin works could possibly do anything but increase attention towards the Touhou series and by extension the game series. If anything limiting exposure would stunt growth and earn fan criticism.

    • Agreed. Speaking as someone outside of the Touhou fandom, it seems to be a pretty exclusive community – that is, it seems like it would be difficult to learn all the ins and outs of Touhou on one’s own. A move like this makes it seem like the community is becoming even more ingrown, and people outside the fandom but with interest in it, like myself, will have even less hope of ever understanding the Touhou phenomenon.

  • Although I’m hardly a hard-core fans, I do enjoy the games, but have at times found myself lost and confused about the world. The information you get in the games is rather sparce and a lot of the doujin work is out of reach for someone who’s only vaguely capable in japanese… or too lazy to look for translations.

    But I have to place myself somewhat critical of this; I believe instead that a lot of people who begin their exposure to Touhou through an anime will likely research the subject and come upon the games. If he’s worried that fans will base their belief on canon after the anime, he’s most likely aware of the pretty lacking plot in the games. And I’m pretty sure whatever happens in the anime will follow what has been made doujin way, considering there’s quite a lot of ZUN-accepted fan-stuff to base it on.

    And he’s making a helluva lot of money without having to pay taxes, or at least so I’ve heard (and concluded considering rough estimates of how many games he sell counter to production “costs”)

      • It’s not really a reliable source, but I’m attending some classes in studies of anime & manga, and one of the people holding it has been to a couple of Comiket and have spoken with ZUN a couple of times.

        I’m fully aware this sounds like horseshit, so I’m not going to support it any more than say that the japanese taxation department completely ignores the going-ons at the Comiket, and if he sells just short of 10,000 issues of his game (not impossible, considering the literal millions of people that visit the Comiket every year), he’ll be making a… I dunno, say he sells his game at 1000 yen (pulled out of my ass), that’s 10 million yen. Even if he has to pay for the reproduction of the master disk as well as transportation to and from Comiket, that’s an awful lot of money for something he’s doing on his free time.

        …again, I’m making a pretty baseless guess here. Also, of course there’s even more money in circulation considering the countless circles doing doujin-stuff on ZUNs OC, but yeah.

        And anyone with proper data is quite welcome to correct me. ^^;

  • And here I thought KyoAni was the world’s only company that was afraid of money an success for their continued delay of Haruhi 2, but it seems ZUN also is afraid of his wallet exploding.

    Seriously, what could we want more than MORE Touhou?

    • Unorthodox Method says:

      More Touhou always sounds good doesn’t it? But the issue here, and what ZUN is afraid of, is what Touhou will become. I’ve ZUN gets shunted out of the picture by a third party influence that eclipses the projects origins, is that still really Touhou?

      A single anime may not seem that much of a threat, but as said above, it could act as a gateway. Things can get out of hand faster than you might imagine.

      Though very different in subject, all of this reminds me of the story of 4Chan. Moot creates 4Chan, its a massive success, it starts to out grow Moots original vision, then it seriously out grows it, Moot gets nervous about the state of his little website, the hordes of the anonymous take control, many lulz are had but ultimately 4Chan destroys itself, Moot is now completely irrelevant and has lost all control. 4Chan is now a mystical place that “newfags” discover later on, and no one really knows what is going on. The ones that remember the “good old days” attempt to forge new homes such as 7Chan, but ultimately to no avail. It all becomes a misunderstood passing phase, now mutated into something terrible.

      That may be a slightly bizarre comparison, but that’s kinda how I see it. ZUN is worried about a future Touhou being snagged by giant corporations finding a loophole and taking it from him. Where the loyal Touhou fans of today will be the minority in a sea of fake touhou, and forced to find a new home.

      Am I being overly paranoid? Probably. Take it easy.

  • I don’t understand what he is being so uppity about. I’m interested in the Touhou world and characters, I’ve never been a huge fan of bullet hell type games, and by extension, the Touhou games sit on my external HD. Why exactly do I have to play a game I don’t particularly enjoy to get to the story I DO enjoy? Seems he’s a bit low on booze funds and is angry other circles are cashing in on his success.

    • The problem is simple, really: ZUN wants Touhou to be defined primarily by his pet project games.

      In this, his desires conflict with those of his fans, who want more exposure to the universe than ZUN is willing to produce. Fandom is only an imperfect compromise, dissatisfying to fans because of it’s limited scope and dissatisfying to ZUN when it begins to redefine Touhou.

      As the creator of the franchise, ZUN is faced with a choice:

      Serve the fans, let the franchise grow into more than you intended.

      Serve your vision, copyright everything and drop the hammer on projects that alter the creative direction of your franchise in public perception.

      Or waffle, do a little of both, and everybody stays malcontent.

      It looks like he’s made his choice.

      • Anonymous says:

        >serve the fans
        by “fans” you mean “masses”
        and by “serve” you mean “sell out to”

        The second option translates to serve the loyal fans and protect touhou from becoming popular with the hetalia naruto and bleach fanbases simultaniously and keep the franchise from being whored out to dirty capitilists.

        Do you really want to be having a conversation about touhou with someone, ask “whats your favorite game?” and get “there are touhou games???” as a response

    • To be honest i can see his point. I mean from his point of view he has created something and put effort into improving it. And then someone has taken his original concept and adapted it to another media which could draw attention away from its origins. Im not saying he is completely right since if i were him i would basicly go up to the creaters of the film and get on board and get my cut and that way it becomes offical content again instead of a spinoff basicly.

    • That’s the point ZUN is trying to make. Touhou is mainly about the gameplay, not the millions of doujin works spawned by fans. For example, what if millions of Type Moon fans were only into their products due to doujin works without even playing the visual novels or watching the animes? That sounds a bit ridiculous and that is what ZUN is all uppity about.

    • I’m alittle confused aswell.
      Imean the bit about him not wanting Touhou becoming commercial is understandable.

      But downplaying the anime is kind of harsh. I mean Touhou has been put into drawn format many times over, so the anime doesn’t really make a difference.
      of course maybe I’m misinterpreting this, and he isn’t downplaying the anime at all.

      This part also confuses me:
      “seiyuu voicing the characters and this being mistaken for an official arrangement worries me.”

      Why would he assume we see it as that? I mean what even defines “official arrangement” ?

      Ergh…I don’t like how this changes my perception og things.

      • I guess that creating a fan-created anime will take the franchise up to a higher level, that’s quite lethal for the normal game series itself. The border of unofficial and official is getting a bit crushed, and could cause a lot of mistakes and problems, if the scale goes from fans to general public.

        Well I think with the seiyuus, I think he basically means this:

        The Touhou franchise doesn’t have any voicing in it. As this is the first Touhou anime to be released, many people will think that the voices in the anime are the ones that are “original”. Which isn’t true, because there never have been voices to begin with.
        People who never experienced the Touhou series before and watch that anime, will get the impression that the games will lack the voices from the anime, for example.

        • any touhou fan loose on the internet will have listened to Kero Destiny and Perfect Math Class, both of which have voices. these are not fanmade either!=, they’re from Touhou Project!

          more likely, i think he thinks that the fandom is taking touhou where he does not want it to go..

        • I think that what pisses this guy off is that his original work has picked up momentum thanks to people that are not him. Especially now that professional voice actresses have actually worked on it.

          I can sort of understand that. Being the creator of something and apparently very zealous about his work could cause him to react like that.

          Still, why does he think people wouldn’t be curious about the original work, in light of a semi-professional looking thing like this?

          I discovered Tsukihime and its rather interesting (Nasu)verse thanks to Melty Blood ReACT…

          But to each their own, I guess.

        • So he is forced to make actualy notable games to begin with…If he now creates a touhou game with voice acting, he could just hire the voice actors from the anime (wich makes sense and dosn’t cost as much as someone, who actual doing voiceacting as a job)
          The creator could now react spontaniously and work with the anime creator team together to create a game wich could be a really good indeed.
          I would buy it. <:3

  • Zun thinks that he can live the rest of his life with its games, but he doesn’t realize that the market is implacable and doesn’t forgive to who stays thinking in the past.
    A way to attract fans and money to his pockets are logically to do an anime, but the great problem is its mentality of “I am the creator Zun, praise me”. /=
    I wonder: how long will last the fame of these doujin games? And the answer is obvious to me. Just to see the kind of brutalized fans locked in the mentality of “Touhou can only be referring to games” I can sense the commercial debacle that soon will come to those who involution rather than thinking about the future.
    You can say whatever you want, you can mourn all you want, but you can not deny the truth.

    To the users of the links I can only say: “mediocre websites for people of the same characteristic.”

    For the fans of Zun I recommend this link:

    • Excuse me but where in the world did you read that ZUN plans to live off his games at all? The guy has a real job with Taito and he actually makes very little money with the Touhou games. He makes the games as a hobby and as a challenge for himself. He has already stated previously that he doesn’t care if he loses all his fans, he’ll continue making games as long as it is fun to do so. Get some of your facts straight next time before trying to judge someone, or else you just look like an idiot.