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Gonzo’s New Business Plan Unveiled: Kuma-san


Near bankrupt anime studio Gonzo are desperately turning more than ever to their apparently tried and tested “Rosario+Censorship=DVD Sales” business plan.

In the 11th episode we see that censorship cuts by way of censorship mascot kuma are not only more numerous than ever before, they are also hugely more obtrusive, with any potential DVD sales point now obscured by several kuma, where before the mascot merely sat in the middle of the pantsu.

As many as four kuma now plaster the slightest flash of pantsu:


A staggering 72 cuts (with 5 by bat and the rest by bear) now render this anime an unashamedly drawn out advert for the DVD.


In case you were wondering, this was the Osaka version. Tokyo MX is known for broadcasting uncensored editions, but in this case that merely results in a 20% reduction in kuma-cuts.

The good source.


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