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Anime Otaku Second Most Loathed by Women


According to the results of a recent survey targeting young Japanese women, anime otaku are the second worst choice for a romance, being beaten out only by compulsive gamblers.

Surprisingly, less than 1% objected to PC and electronics otaku, whilst a mere 0.2% thought a movie otaku to be a poor choice.

The ranking is as follows:

1. He’ll use up all the money he’s earned!? Gambling otaku – 44%
2. He thinks 2D girls are moe… Anime/manga otaku – 21.8%
3. Purity is everything?  (he’s into idols younger than himself) Idol otaku – 12%
4. They’re all no good! Any type of otaku is impossible! – 9%
5. He’s all about auras and the next world… Spiritual and fortune telling otaku – 6%
6. He brags about his motor! If he can’t get it, he collects models! Car otaku – 2.2%
7. He memorises train timetables, carries a camera everywhere… Train otaku – 1.4%
7. Any type of otaku is fine, it’s no problem! Otaku are OK – 1.4%
9. He queues for the latest model the day before release! PC/electronics otaku – 0.8%
10. He can accompany me to the cinema, and is a film buff… Movie otaku – 0.2%

The sample took in 500 working women aged 21-29, though those looking to question its results may at least take solace in the fact that though relatively generously sized, it does not appear to have been a truly random selection, targeting site users (which would presumably represent a skewed demographic).

Still, it is food for thought.

Via Escala.

I suppose we might wonder at the motivation behind PC otaku (perhaps likely to be well paid) being nearly last, and poverty stricken pachinko maniacs being first (quite possibly poor, or in debt even). An ability to talk movies seems almost to be a plus.

Whatever the case, it appears all otaku are unlikely to be warmly received, and heaven forfend you have a taste for gambling or 2D girls… Combine this with a love of sukumizu and you may as well give up?


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  • Anonymous says:

    am I the only one who sees the more sociopathic angle to all this opinions?? you cant have passion for anything in that society, I´d be considered a medicine otaku wtf is that all about? stoicism seems to be the only cool way of living

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    this otaku stuff is all about interests hobbies and lifestyle. there ARE female otakus out there, we just dont hear about or from them as much as we would with male ones. they stay in the closet more. And the ones that aren’t otaku are either normal, easy going and dont mind/ignore otakus; or the ones that complain and whine about not getting their rich flawless goodlooking lover that they can boast to their friends about
    their is a fine line between a normal and weird person! A woman’s ideal partner is fake as an 2D character. same with otaku males their busty slutty clothed babe isn’t perfect implants and plastic surgery are flaws thus imperfect.
    to those of you otaku woman and married otaku men I commend you on realising this

  • Fuck the girls who think being a trainspotter sucks. I’ve been looking for that elusive code LOLI train at Paris’s RER D and I’ve never been able to find it. All I’ve found were names like JILL, MONA, SARA or CIME at the RER C.

    Oh well… I think I’ll be going to Gare de Lyon to take some pics of TGVs, TERs, Corails and Transiliens…

  • I’ve been recently becoming a transportation otaku… here in Paris they really, really take public transit seriously, unlike Guadalajara, where it’s less than a joke, it’s more like if a 6-year-old kid was running the whole thing with its ass. Here in Paris, they take it very seriously. Whereas Guadalajara only has two pathetic little subway lines, Paris has 14 Métropolitain lines, 4 RER and 5 Transilien commuter rail lines, 4 Tramways, and countless more bus lines 😀

  • why am i not surprised at the fact that anyone not apart of the social “norm” is shit on. the fact that otaku’s have “a 1.4%” chance too get a girlfriend further decrease’s my faith in humanity as a whole >.>
    as was stated prior by a fellow poster, the treatment of otaku’s hasn’t much too do with “your hobbies affecting your life” (which all hobbies do on some level) or being “obsessive”. It all comes down too where you stand in society, how high up the food chain you are. you could look like the guy in the above pic, if you were rich, and proceed too get plenty of NON “2D”, “3D” women. If you don’t fit in everyone’s view of the norm your shit on, nuff said.

  • Misses fundamental truth, anime otakus do not wish real women, thus their repulsive nature is not even seen as worth acknowledging.

    That they are fat is not relevant, that they are ugly is not relevant, that they have worthless lives is not relevant, just so long as their anime girlfriends like them is all that matters to them.

    Fortunately you can't breed with a picture and their dna's days are numbered.

  • #1 50% otakus are fat
    #2 50% otakus are ugly (look 1st picture) at the top
    #3 50% otaku dont have time for girls
    prefers to play or watch or buy anime/game ect…
    #4 Otaku is like pedobear

    blah blah blah

    seriously its like saying every girl that like ie:
    movies, music , clothes = the same has stated above.

    im 80% hardcore gamer and 20% anime otaku and i had my share of love and smex and ect…

    fact they dont state
    90% of the otaku are like densha otoko and would give up all they have if they find the right person
    but the world is so corrupt n complicated nowadays that people prefers to spend more time on themself then trying out 100 girls till they find the good one.

    ps: Cosplay girl are smexy

  • I’m an anime otaku. Therefore, I think I’d better not leave Guadalajara. Especially because otakus here are actually respectable people. Only snotty preps here bash an eye at being an anime geek.

    As far as I’ve seen, the ranking here of otaku hatedom is like this:
    1.- Compulsive gamblers – nobody wants to date a guy willing to eat shit just to gamble.
    2.- Spiritual freaks – they’re seen here as hippies at best, or as fucked-up crackheads at worst.
    3.- Celebrity fanpeople – sure, we all have a favorite celebrity, but their life is so empty they must fill it with someone else.
    4.- Otakus – everyone here has watched at least one anime series in their youth or childhood, so at least we have some respect, but some people think we’re either childish, obsessive about Japanese girls, friendly preps feel kinda uncomfortable in our presence, and snooty preps think we’re subhumans ¬¬
    5.- Computer fans – Computers are machines used by everyone; even your snooty aunt uses them. And since they *are* complex, it’s very common for people to be very afraid of them, as in, they feel intimidated by modern hardware and software. Thus, being good at using them automatically makes you a fucking genius. And since engineers here earn crazy amounts of cash, being a computer programmer very probably means you’re loaded in cash ^^
    6.- Car fans – Thanks to The Fast and the Furious and the fact that cars are manly, the more you are into cars, the manlier you are. Girls may bat an eye at us for this, but we don’t care. (Good think I know at least a thing about cars and I sort of know the mechanics of my ride ^^)
    7.- Cinephiles – People who have watched and like talking about artistic movies come across as cultured intellectuals.
    8.- Electronic gadgeteers – Thanks to Steve Jobs, electronic gadgets are nowadays fashionable, which means you can pretty much secure your entry to the hottest night clubs if they see you talking in a Blackberry while taking pictures with a neat camera.
    ~.- Trainspotters don’t count here because trains here are old, creaky buckets that serve as transportation for Central American illegals.

  • 1.4% Let’s see 0.2% of them are actually men. 0.6% are fugly (beyond comprehension so) amd 0.5% are fat. The hope lives my brothers, but it’ll be a fight to the death indeed. Only the strongest get to breed in this harsh world. T_T

  • boozedimpulsegundam says:

    How about new type otaku?
    you know the ones that can actually hook-up
    and still like mecha anime?
    the ones who actually loath moe anime?
    I like to work out, go to night clubs and still like gundam and macross did they take that into account? hey my steady japanese girlfriend has enabled my mecha addiction 80% if my gundam stuff was bought by her

  • Anonymous says:

    So this survey shows that most women are after men’s money. First place is obvious, second and third indicate they don’t want any other female competitors for the resources of their potential mate.

    Sorry ladies, you have no right to complain that males objectify you, because you do exactly the same thing.

  • I agree that Otakus especially the extreme ones are damn creepy but what’s the actual disturbing thing that i saw here is that most women hates almost everything men naturally like and think they(women) are perfect and play well as a good example;

    “I don’t like him because he watches Anime.”, “I hate him because he collects Star Wars merchandises”, “My BF sucks because his hobby is building Gundam models.”… yet they don’t even mind making their BFs annoyed waiting 8 hours for them testing lipsticks and dresses in the mall..

    • I don’t think you get it. It’s not, “I don’t like him because he likes anime.” It’s, “I don’t like him because he’s obsessed with something that’s not real and neglects his appearance, future, and social relationships because of it.” And most girls – the vast majority of girls – know better than to take their boyfriends shopping for anything but swimsuits. I suppose you’ve never had a girlfriend, though, so it’s not your fault that you don’t know.

      And are you really saying that most men “naturally” like anime, Star Wars merchandise, and Gundam models? That so, now? Come to think of it, it seems you don’t know many humans, not just girls.

  • “” Comment by mina
    2008-12-15 22:36:15
    Yeeeeeeah, I’m a girl, and I’LL admit that 3D women have nothing on 2D ones. STFU you ota-hating girls, you’re just jealous >< “”

    I’m a girl also.
    How can girls be jealous of something that doesn’t exist in reality? And why would a real life female want attention from someone who doesn’t have a grip on reality? Or wants her to be something that she will never be?

    Animated characters are built to be attractive.
    I loved Jessica Rabbit since I was child and grew old enough to comprehend “sex appeal”, but I would never want a woman in real life to look like Jessica! It would be just awful. She is unrealistic, but is a build of what men find attractive about women.

    As Dr.Phil put “What is abnormal?”
    If your hobbies are having an effect on your life and the people around you, that is abnormal.
    If you are capable of handling your hobby without sinking deep into it, that is normal.

  • Well the survey seems to have it about right. When woman are looking for a serious partner, the first thing that pops in their head is their future mates financial prospects. Which is why low-life gamblers would top the charts in this survey. Sadly the only reason why gamblers probably beat out Anime/Manga Otakus’ is because they probably seem a little less seedy and pose less of a threat than a gambler. haha

  • Do I need to mention the name Danny Choo? Really, this survey doesn’t say much. It’s still possible to be an otaku and live a somewhat “normal” life with a girl. Even in Japan. Not being ugly helps a lot of course.

  • The first pic looks like he saw a Mei-chan in his schizophrenic bout of delusion and went with the classic symptom of “HHHHNNNNGGGG” and shortly after died of cardiac arrest.

    Also, while it is mentally healthy not to take anime/manga culture to the point of fanaticism (Nagi’s a slut SLUT-sort of fervour)…you have to sympathise with a few where being an otaku is the only kind of identity they possess due to previous negative experiences in schools and society. Bullying is still a problem at large in Japan and being an anime otaku is a method of escapism. After all, the real world you get called a ‘disgusting creep’ and have to put up with its crap while in a galge game, you’re surrounded by 2D girls, smiling and loving you unconditionally.

    I know that you can be devotee to anime without being bullied and like it for its merits. While my opinion seems one small branch of the formation of otaku, it still holds true even internationally. However in Japan, home of Akibahara, these conditions are far more pronounced.

    • Assimilation sounds like a decent offer there. I am willing to give up some aspects of my Otaku lifestyle to get a girl. Or at least lose my virginity. If you are an otaku, best you can hope for is sloppy seconds.

  • I’m married, and I have a kid, and I’m an otaku. Oh and I have a healthy sex life. I became an otaku after marriage, along with my wife. So even though those numbers might be true to those surveyed in the area they were surveyed, there is no denial that even if we’re loathed, we can fall in love with 3D women and have healthy relationships with them.

  • They probably mean those hardcore otakus in Japan anyway. . I don’t think they’d have a grudge against those who are pretty normal with it. I watch anime a lot too, but I don’t count myself as an otaku, if you look at the Japanese standards.

  • 5. He’s all about auras and the next world… Spiritual and fortune telling otaku – 6%
    That makes another kind of otaku I am. I didn’t even realize religion and theology was another kind of otaku. By association, this makes Mikos otaku. And Nuns, and theology majors. And Varg Vikernes.

  • I find otaku of any type disturbing and creepy. Obsession is a treatable psychiatric problem. Living in a fantasy world 24/7 is usually called schizophrenia.
    Don’t get me wrong – I love animation and anime in particular. I think the girls are cute and I have around 40 figures, all girls. My wife thinks they’re cute too. But I never get 2D and 3D confused. You have to keep a grip on what’s real.

    Ok. You can all flame me now. I even have the BBQ sauce handy.

  • It makes sense to be honest. I wouldn’t want an escapist monomaniac for a girlfriend either, and that’s what “otaku” means out there in Japun. There was an article on this site about female otaku being all up in arms against the wife of a voice actor they were fawning over (“miscarry!”): consider that sort of person when thinking “female otaku”.

  • Surely this isn’t surprising? Most girls don’t want any guy who pervs over other girls, (including 2D ones)and most girls don’t want guys who perv over them as if they are objects. Makes sense doesn’t it?

    I do find it funny and sad in a way though, that most otaku are the way they are because they can’t get a girlfriend, so they turn to 2D girls, but because of their love of 2D girls they can’t get a girlfriend.

  • either majority of otaku in Japan looked really bad like the picture above….
    or typical girl just want you to love her alone and not anybody else… (sry 3d girl, you might be pretty and cute…but moe is really out of your league)

    or can we say normal girl have those ego??? they are allowed to fall for celebrity/j-pop artist, while we are not allow to have one or two 2d girl we adore???

        • Hmm, I’m not convinced,

          let me explain, you know how the gossip rags that pap the celebrities for a quick flash of crotch or to see them looking haggard [ie normal day to day] they choose the images that have the most impact dont they??

          I think it is the same here,its an article on how bizarre and un trustworthy these otaku are, so lets throw in some “dodgy” photos to illustrate the point…

          I will agree both of these individuals would probably still look strange in a portrait shoot, but not as creepy dont you think?

      • I don’t see what’s creepy about that. People throw the word otaku everywhere and now known as hardcore otaku, even though otaku is already an obsession how far more “hardcore” can you get.

        Regardless maybe he just bought them and is taking them home. Otaku are really just hardcore. I however don’t really care on how people use the word anymore, though some older fashioned otaku would probly get mad for not having real pride.

        I love 2-D and 3-D girls and I can’t help but love some 2-D girls but that has nothing to do with me loving a “3D girl” aka a girl. Even IF I preferred 2D over 3D that won’t stop be from liking 3D. It’s not losing your touch in reality, it’s just your dedication to something. Love works in many ways… and I guess that counts for 2D also.