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Tragedy Cat Food


Pictured is Nanjing station, where boxes upon boxes of cats fill the station, and the air is ceaselessly pierced by their wailing. There are some 1,400 in this shipment alone, and three shipments are due the same day for a total of 5,000 cats.

The cats are going to China’s culinary capital (of sorts), Guangzhou, where an unparalleled variety of animals are eaten.

They are destined to become what is prosaically called “活猫水煮” / “Boiled alive cat”, a dish made by hitting the cat on the head to quieten it, and then throwing it in a pot of boiling water whilst it still lives:


Guangzhou is said to consume 10,000 cats a day, so it looks as if the cats pictured above aren’t likely to last their culinary needs long.

A cat catcher can apparently gather 20 of the beasts a night, for 10 yuan a head ($15), potentially a lucrative trade. It is not clear just what proportion of these cats are actually stray…

The Chinese government, aware that such refined culinary practices might attract censure from barbarian nations during the Olympics, joined citizen groups in suppressing the trade in cats and dogs during the Olympics, but once the games ended so did any need for a ban.

Much of China does not seem to share the love of cats (except in a limited culinary sense) which obsesses Japan and much of the rest of the world.

There are signs that this is changing; some Chinese net users are outraged at the practice, especially the younger generations, though it does not seem they are making much headway.

Via Heaven.

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  • Anonymous says:

    aside from the boiled alive part and the terrible conditions i see nothing wrong with eating cats, it better than eating an endangered species.

    still if its someones pet, idc if its a chicken cow or cockroach its not food.

    equally idc if its a species of chicken or cow, dont eat endangered species, like whales and certain birds, tigers and whales(japan) and monkeys.

  • look i just find this saddening thats it. not yelling at their culture im aware of how other animals are treated. its all sad. i know they need it for food . its still sad. Thats just it. Its just sad to some….

  • some dude you'll all hate says:

    Might it be noted that from a culinary standpoint (and yes, I am cantonese, so I have eaten everything under the sun, including this–more on that in a moment) but that not killing something before cooking it by applying heat will prevent the muscles from contracting leading to tougher meat, and thus a decrease in quality?

    I have seen numerous animals killed and then prepped for my dinner in my worldwide travels . I have seen the members of my ancestral village skinning a cat, i have seen my southern american relatives throwing live crawfish into a pot, and i have seen french folks (not related) stuffing geese with corn for the production of foie gras (though i had to wait several months before those actual geese were ready).

    It should actually be pointed out that it is far more humane to provide the cat with an albeit crude, yet very effective and technically free (aside from the cost of a pan) form of anaesthesia. Continuing from a culinary standpoint, it’s actually better that they knock the cat out since the pain of being boiled alive and conscious would cause the muscles to contract even more than if the neck were sliced open and the blood drained, no matter how fast.

    By the way, as I mentioned earlier, I have had this dish. It’s good, most people I know would agree, not knowing the source of the meat, obviously. I have eaten the stomach of a pig, the feet of a chicken, the face and lips of a donkey in a real american hot dog, chitlins (which cannot be described any better), and as of tonight, whale and real shark’s fin.

    It’s not even a matter of domestication because animals are treated like pets for the most part up until being consumed as I found while staying in my village for several months.

    I think also if noted the scale of cat hunting and farming is due to the population…..remember, this is china. There are 1.3 billion people there. Even holding it to Guangzhou, which according to Wikipedia is now 8.5 million in the metropolitan area, excluding the even-more-discerning Hong Kongers who visit as well as the other Chinese who visit daily.

    Continuing, might it also be mentioned–especially about the cat skinning I noted above–that not all 1 0000 cats are destined for this specific dish? It also has to do with relative prices of other meats such as beef and pork which are quite expensive compared to a small- or medium-sized cat. And for those suggesting they eat chicken, what American, aside from chicken farmers possibly, eats only chicken as their meat source day in and day out? China may still be mainly agrarian, but its cities are filled with people as-, or definitely in the case of Shanghai, more-materialistic than most Americans? Said people with their large incomes want a varied diet, that’s why they decided to go into profitable fields.

    Anyways, that’s my very large two cents which should meet head on most of the complaints.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    Wherever you go, animals are eaten…It’s not an issue

    of what animal it is…It’s an issue of them dying a

    quick death or a slow one…

    And because in all my years as a gurofiend, I can

    honestly say that boiling isway slower and more

    painful than throat slitting and electrocution…

    I’ve seen the animal cruelty videos…I pity them…

    And I fap to them…

    Poor cats…*fap fap fap*

  • Anonymous says:

    Someone get me a club i have the urge to hunt, and it’s not cat flesh i am hunting. Btw Hannibal Lecter is my favourite film. Im surprised Peta hasn’t got wind of this though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Vegan is no better. Plants are alive as well as animals. You just pride yourself because you eat something that can’t run away or scream when you cut it up alive on your counter. You should be just as discusted at yourself.

      People should be able to eat pretty much what they want to, as long as the method to it doesn’t involve cruelty.

      …although I’d probably draw the line at cannibalism… that’s just icky =oP

  • I saw this when I was 9 years old.

    I was traumatized by the show. It was not the fact they ate them that traumatized me, but the chef on the show I saw failed to completely knock the animals out and simply dunked them into the boiling water alive and conscious. I still remember the screaming and mewling of the little kittens and their frantic attempts to climb out of the boiling water as sharp as a razor blade in my mind. I will never be able to forget this.

    I am now grown up. If I could sue them or the broadcasting station for not providing ample warning to children or simply showing something so vile to pet owners, I would.


  • “oh no poor cats” ..NOT
    i mean seriously, we eat chickens, cows and so on…
    why not a cat?
    i wouldn’t eat it, but i don’t mind others eating it.
    cooking them alive is sadistic, but it’s not something new. As others have stated; The lobster is cooked alive, and so are some other animals.
    The ones saying that it’s digusting probably have a cat as a pet..and can’t imagine people eating them.
    (wich is a stupid but understandable reasoning)

  • well, maybe i shouldn’t say this but then…..

    yesterday I found a kitten that was about 2 weeks old and i ate it alive right there and then with the mother next to it, and then i punched a crippled kid eating veal because eating baby cows are disgusting.

  • Anonymous says:

    well. if we can move away from fingerpointing concerning cultural insensitivty and the hipocricy of of killing one animal for food over another, can it be said all around that “dispatching” animals in cruel and unsual ways should be comdemned. At the very least this is my standpoint, and what I beleive to be the underlying issue here.

    as far as eating plants, the sad fact is that “eating” in this world entails consuming things that were at least at some point living (the only exceptions that leap mind currently are salt, which can hardly sustain a person, and cheese, and that’s only if the cheese is animal rennet/enzyme free.) I suppose ideally the plants we eat would be of the self-regenerating variety. On a very basic level, I take comfort that at least I’m eating outside of my own “Kingdom.” (yes, I’m a vegetarian, does that give me some immunity in these proceedings? :D)

  • (Begin of Rant)
    In my country, cow, chicken, duck, water buffalo, duck, frog, goat, pig, fish, eel, shrimp, crab, etc (too many >.radical anime fan
    Yes, I think it is a custom when they are poor. Maybe this custom will decrease in the future. ( but I don’t think there will be no people eating cat in China )

    Imagine if this increases extremely, cats may become rare. Food chain is ruined. Owl and snake cannot live in the city, rats may run rampage. People must eat rats in large quantity to compensate that. Cannot afford to poison rat because cat eat it ^_^ LOL

    Like pokrec said it is not efficient to produce meat from meat. And It is also not efficient to produce meat from plant. The efficiency is below 10%. A cow eat tons of grass while the land could be use for produce another food for human. Potato and cereal are cheaper. Except from producing milk, raising cow for only meat is excessive. Same for chicken. We should all eat mostly from plant. This will make the world produce more food, thus people in hunger will be reduced.

    I agree with comment “cuteness should never be a standard for killing or not” and the others. All animal are equal. Human shouldn’t kill animal. They can feel pain. At least don’t kill animal for nothing. If you must kill animal for food make sure the animal feel minimal pain. It’s ethic. We must thank them for the meat. The animal should not about to become extinct too.

    Boiled alive is cruel.

    I don’t think meat from animal who die in fear or pain or stress is healthy. Just think of what hormones could be released by animal glands when they are in fear, pain or stress. I don’t know what they are, but shouldn’t we watch out of the unwanted effect?
    (End of Rant)

  • I think people are making a big deal out of it because they think cat should be eaten, simply because it’s such an cute animal…while it’s ok to eat other animal that are ‘not cute’.

    It is like a cute girl get raped and murdered, and people would be outraged and making a big fuss over it…but if a butt ugly girl get raped and murdered, people (especially guys) wouldn’t care as much (since she’s not cute) and probably would already forgotten about it the following day.

    The logic is the same here. Animals are animals…they should be treated the equally…but they ain’t, just like humans should be equal, yet girl that are good looking or cute will ALWAYS be treated better by others than girls that are ugly.

    Think about it…it all make sense. I guess it’s just the way human think psychologically…

  • The first two photographs are particularly poignant.
    I saw those, then began to read, and thought “this is the Auschwitz of cats.”

    On the bright side, China is modernizing fast.
    Sooner or later they’ll abandon these barbaric customs.

  • different culture different food it is… but certain animals are born to be eaten and easily breed… like chickens, fishes, ducks and pigs… their flesh are scientifically proven nutrien for human body to grow… but cats…?? not many would suggest…

  • I wish they could have humanely killed, free range cat options, too.
    Maybe they do?
    Here in England there are free range options of psuedo-animal lovers like me, who just want to eat sweet meat with a clear conscience.

  • You guys who clamour for China’s destruction should really rethink your words. It’s culture, remember that up till half a century ago or less the majority of the Chinese population in China had naught to eat but whatever they could find on a particular day, and it probably carried over and became what it is today. Granted, they could do without the boil-alive part, but it’s already a part of their lives, so much that it’s turned from simple surivival to high-class food fare.

    Please think before you voice out your opinions for the rest of the Internet to hear.

  • yes, i agree the cruel treatment of an animal b4 eaten should be appalled at, and educated to stop, but every culture has it’s unique cuisine deemed weird and cruel by other cultures. (btw, i’d like to add, the cruel way dogs were slaughtered in korea has been mostly stopped, and r slaughtered mostly the same way pigs and cattle r now)
    also, good point above about the lobsters, crabs and fish being boiled alive. i never hear ppl angry about this.

    France has practiced shoving food into a goose’s neck with a tube or stick. and yes in parts of Europe dogs and cats have been part of their cuisine not to mention baby sheep, rabbits and deer.
    In japan, eating horse and whale has always been contraversial, though it has been long part of their historical culture.
    yes, korea has it’s dog (bo sin tang), though cats were never eaten in korea, and China has it’s wild life cuisine such as bear, raccoon, snake etc.
    and most asian cultures eat insects in some form or another.

    again, 1. cuteness should never be a standard for killing or not.
    2. nor intelligence, since most pigs r shown to be smarter than the average dog.
    3. loyalty(love) as some pet owners state… well i’ve seen this same pack mentality and behavior from pigs, lambs etc. that were kept as pets.

    the only standard should be whether the animal’s on the endangered list, and if it’s slaughtered humanely or not.

    if u get religious, we r all born of sin, since we have to kill other beings to sustain our own life, even plant life.
    (ever see a plant in a dark box, slowly grow in the direction of light? sign of it strugling to live)
    just be respectful of what we eat and acknowedge where and how it came to our plate.
    sorry 4 my long rant.

  • LOL at all the ignorant hypocrites!

    Honestly this is stupid, as much as those crying about Japan slaughtering Dolphins and eating Whales. Different cultures, different beliefs. Funny enough most are American who cry about such things, while eating a nicely slaughtered Cow or Chicken that’s been kicked around a few times before ending up on their plate. Hell Austrailia has eaten Kangaroo, France eaten Frogs, African Tribes eaten Monkeys, Korea eats Dogs and Cats, America eats turtle.

    The only thing I find wrong here is just how the cats are killed before being served. But then that could be my own personal belief of being raised in the West. More Wstern Hypocrisy! This type of treatment to animals is not just singled out to China. Industrialised animals are similarly treated.

    If you’re a vegetarian, fair enough to cry about it. But if you’re not, you should really keep your mouth shut. If you complain on how the animals are killed, you better also know that it’s not just singled out to one country.

      • You misunderstood the Whale bit. What I meant was that THE people who do cry about the issue of eating Whale being wrong. Not whether it’s becoming extinct or not. Thus why I stated ‘LOL at all the ignorant hypocrites!’ beforehand and after mentioning the whole chicken being kicked around before ending up on the plate. Referring to those who eat industrialised animals, while complainig about other cultures eating different animals. Basically the same people who cry about eating dog or cat using cuteness or emotional attachment as an arguement. Beleive me I’ve seen plenty people say ‘Killing Whales are evil’, or ‘It’s wrong to kill Whales because they’re intelligent’ etc…instead of using ‘Limit killing Whales as they are becoming extinct’ as an arguement. I know of the main issue, but as usual the masses who follow media like sheep, believe ‘cuteness’ is main point for not killing. That’s what I was refferring to. Sorry if it didn’t seem clear enough.

  • It seems that alot of the outrage is because these are cats. What about all the others animals we eat? Rabbit, hare, horse, cow, pigeon, chicken, pig, deer, baby cow… the list goes on. If this was some ugly little creature would there be so much anger?

    It’s wrong to eat any animal that is kept and killed inhumanely. This sort of treatment of animals isn’t just happening in China, it’s just that when the west finds out about these things they go crazy.

    I don’t care that they eat cats, and I adore cats, just eat what you want aslong as it’s kept and killed humanely.

  • some of you guys are terible.
    your otaku’s mind think that we chinese are freaks with low-life quality.
    you think you can judge the world that different from your.
    just go jerk yourself over that naked 10 years old girl post.

    You Freaks !!

  • I have a cat. And I have so much fun of it! Well, Most od human cultures do not eat carnivores like cats, lions, tigers, wolves or dogs. It is quite economically reasonable – what is the sense of eating meat, that was produced by eating other meat? No one keeps carnivores in his farm as broilers. It’s obvious. Grass, potatos and cereals are cheaper per kilogram of obtained meat than meat as a food for animals. In European culture it is common, that we eat only meat of plant-eating animals, like pigs, cows, wildlife hunted animals, but not these, that eat other animals, at least as their main food. Chinese are apparently other culture. Well, as they like. BUT CRUELTY IS UNFORGIVABLE!
    Alas!, During the Great Cultural Revolution in Maoist’s China People ate people! So, Chinese are very strange culture (if it can be called this way).

  • aww you guys hate it just bcoz its domestic pets…
    if the society happened to select chicken and cow as favourite domestic pet…you gonna eat dog and cat everyday anyways….

    do not whine abt cruelty, if you do, you must at least be a vegetarian to support your act….

    talking abt cat being cute and innocent??? duck and chicken is cute too…yet you eat it everyday as if nothing happened to the chicken being thrown inside machine and pluck all its feathers

  • It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they didn’t boil them alive, what kind of shit is that. You can at least bludgeon it to death first, shouldn’t take more than one hard collision to the skull for something as small as a cat. It’s still something I’d disapprove, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Not like the meat can become any less gamy if it is killed a few seconds before it is cooked.

  • i suppose sooner or later animal rights activist would soon stampede on china?… but what the heck… tis life whether we like it or not we still “eat” unless if your something else who gets food from the sun or is presently meditating for a long long time

  • Cultural differences is what i’d put it. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. It’s like the Koreans and dog meat in Korea.

    What may seem anathema to you is perfectly normal to someone else.

    PS – There is a saying that the chinese will eat anything that has it’s back to the sun. I don’t really know, since i’m Chinese but i don’t eat cats. Or dogs. Or any insects for that matter.

    • You say that whilst displaying the fundamental qualities of a hypocrite. Pointing this at the face of cultural differences and leaving a nice, subtle note of the Chinese and Koreans. I doubt even one percent of both countries practice eating such meat.

      For the nature of this blog, Japan that is, the conflicts of Japan and Australia 2 years back would be a fitting example. It was such that the very mention of the word Japan would eventually lead to the topic of ‘Japanese eating habits’. Only I had the common knowledge to answer that the greater population of Japan seldom eat whale.

    • That’s stupid, what does beating your mother have anything to do with eating cats. Also what good would war do, different cultures have different foods. Even though I am chinese I find it pretty disturbing to eat cats but that is because I was raised in an american society where cats are considered companions and not food. This would be different in other countries. Starting a war over the fact that someone else eats something you considered a friend is just ignorannt.

  • I respect individual rights to eat whatever they want, but if anyone so much as touches a cat in such a manner near me, all they’ll be eating is steel.

    I had a cat that was killed recently, so I’m touchy on the subject.

    • I’ve tasted dog, I thought it was quite tasty.

      As far as the boiled alive thing, Guangzhou’s into eating some pretty weird things, and they really seem to enjoy cooking things alive for a variety of dishes, personally i don’t get how the boiled cat would taste better though. But lobsters are boiled alive too, and there’s a reason for that in the culinary sense.

  • Silly people. Cruelty makes it more delicious.

    Just like how you can’t really have veal unless the calf was locked up in a small cage and beaten regularly. “Free range” veal would be too tough and all to be worth it.

    I’m fairly sure it’s common practice today too, for small chicken raisers to butcher their chickens by wringing out the blood (life) out of them. It’s perceived as better that way (though, just straight out decapitation is pretty popular too).

  • Henshinkamen says:

    Call the national geographic I’m sure they can make something from it.

    Personally i wouldn’t say that this is horrible, it’s just a taboo in some culture. The only concern that i have is probably the way they kill the cat. If the cat suffers before being killed, then that’s wrong.

    Can anyone tell me why do they eat cats? what will they do to your body?
    plz someone tell me cuz i don’t get the logic

    • Yes! but that’s only under the assumption that the lives of plants are worth less than those of animals, only because we can relate to furry things better than green things stuck to the ground!
      Even though it’s all “life”.

      • Someone with knowledge! Lol. Yes a lot of things are “alive” on this planet. Eating a plant with fruits and such growing is technically taking the life of that plant. The concept is the same, but plants do not feel pain, only stimulus.

  • So much hypocrisy. I wonder how many of those who complaint about cute cats getting eaten in China actually took the care to check how the “meat” you just ate yesterday was being treated. I’d hate to see a cat getting boiled, but you know what, that’s only because I was raised in a society that treats cats (and dogs and horses etc) as lovable animals that shouldn’t become dinner. But guess what there are different cultures out there that just didn’t become exactly like ours to reflect our own social and moral values. However I do stand against animal cruelty and wish that the authorities would not let a cat suffer a gruesome death in boiling water. But eating cats itself is not cruelty, or at least is not any more cruel than eating cows and fish. Domesticating an animal is a personal choice, not something you can impose on others. We are posting on a blog filled with drawings of naked little girls, many of us love 2D material over 3D, many also play eroge (and prolly “use” it) – we should be used to not being understood by others, we should be used to our tastes being questioned… and yet I’m amazed at how we fail to understand other people’s tastes and easily impose our own morality to judge a different culture’s culinary traditions. Is eating cats that different from eating rabbits?? Again, we should rise against cruelty, but not against cultural diversity.

    • Seriously… cats are just animals like any other. They’re meat. They eat such because they’re a country with a lot of poor people and they came to eat scorpions and cockroaches.

      If you think cats are too cute to be eaten, just think what an Indian would think when he saw a cow being executed in a slaughterhouse one by one for the food you eat.

      In the end they’re all just food.

      • True, however the idea of delicacy of an animal being tortured to death is pretty wrong either way. Besides cats hardly have any meat on them in the first place.

        Modern day livestock transport and slaughtering is still pretty bad. People should also realize this is a massively consuming age and we want meat to be relatively cheap. Being nice to all the animals would only result in prices skyrocketing and perhaps food shortages, most of the things that can be done to make it easier on the animals are being done but at the lowest cost possible obviously or just aren’t being done to compete in price.

        A similar debate is going on over here in The Netherlands right now. Specially bred egg-laying hens have their eggs incubated into chicks, the male chicks would obviously be useless as meat as they’re not bred for growing large and fat. They are gently killed off for pet and livestock food, about 100k chicks a year. Obviously this is just to pull attention to an animals rights political party to gain foothold as the chicks are cute to most people and are “disrespectfuly murdered” according to the party leader (which they obviously aren’t with CO² gas, they faint quickly and then they die within a couple of seconds).
        Shouldn’t they be focusing on the bad state of meat-fated livestock transport rather than chicks being gently killed for pet food products?

        Animal cruelty is wrong either way, but you can’t just flip around a cultural or economical system that easily.

  • Rabbits and turtles are sometimes pets too, but almost every culture eats them. As disgusting as it may seem, eating cats, dogs, ostriches, horses and such are in the norm for many people and not just the Chinese.

    • I can agree with you there, but make to an animal suffer needlessly is just cruel and pointless. You dont beat the shit out of a cow before you eat it, so why should anyone painfully kill anything?

      • That is true, but it took a long time until we started shocking the brains out of our cows, in order to let them die with minimum pain. Now imagine you are a relatively poor chinese who just took on your dad’s job of killing cats to make money, can you afford the equipment to kill cats with electric shocks? The posted picture doesn’t seem to portrait a high-tech automatized facility…

        Not that this makes it any more excusable though, but maybe more understandable.

        • Well, although messy, a solid hammer blow to the head would be quicker than boiling alive, you’ll have to admit. I therefore follow the “boiling alive is cruel” argument. Of course, some religions actually demand “kosher” meat and if my religious education teacher wasn’t to preoccupied with the skirts of the girls in our class to get at least some facts straight, apparently this means having them bleed to death, rather than kill them quick and then drain (most of) the blood. Doesn’t sound too pleasant either.

    • Then by your logics we should also eat humans.
      “I heard human flesh tastes sweet, let’s eat it. Humans are animals and being rational shouldn’t be taken in account anyway.”

      There are animals which are usually eaten by us and others that aren’t. It’s a question of morals. They are domestic animals which keep us company, they aren’t part of our food chain. Besides, boiling them alive? Even if it was a chicken, that’s just cruel!

      • I agree with the “boiling alive” bit, and perhaps I agree with the “question of morals”, but that, of course, is the point: morals are part of society and so if Chinese society doesn’t have the morals of not eating cats (and perhaps not having them as often as pets). In fact, I thought it was pretty lame and hypocritical to ban dogs and cats from being eaten at the olympics – I don’t think at any world cup or olympics held in Western countries they’d ban pork and beef just because Muslims or Buddhists think that eating/killing them is absolutely wrong.
        Therefore, I do see a bit of this “well, Western morals are superiour, aren’t they” in this. And I find that laughable.

      • That’s a completely different issue. We don’t eat humans because they are sentient, sapient creatures. The same can not be said about cows, chickens, pigs, or cats.

        Saying that you shouldn’t eat cats because they aren’t domesticated is ridiculous. Cows are full domesticated, as is any animal raised to be eaten. Some people keep pigs as pets, but we don’t shy from eating them.

        You can’t use “they aren’t part of our food chain” as an argument either. They aren’t a part of your foot chain because you don’t eat cats. The people of Guangzhou _do_ eat cats, and so they are a part of _their_ food chain.

        • Yeah, the people of Guangzhou but 95% of the rest of the world doesn’t. Cat’s are part of their food chains as humans are part of some African tribes food chain and still you wouldn’t consider that morally correct.
          If they have other things to eat, then eat. They aren’t at the point of starvation to eat cats. (Eat them but torture them before doing it. Makes me remember of Kentucky’s fried chicken case.) Animals are sentient too, they feel pain, don’t they? They aren’t rational but that’s one more reason why we, as rational, sapient creatures, should treat them with respect.

        • People assume that non-humans have no souls and are stupid just because they don’t speak the same language. They make the same assumptions even if it’s a fellow human being. The fact is that humans, like many other species, eat meat. While humans don’t need to eat meat, creatures that do need to eat meat must kill other creatures (or find their corpses) to survive. Such is the cycle of life on this planet. The difference between humans and other creatures is that we usually try to do it in a nicer, less cruel way. That’s really what the issue is here. Eat cats if you want to, but cooking them alive isn’t very nice. I think the same applies to any living thing.

        • Well I don’t think you should argue something similar to “eating sapient beings is not ok, but not sapient ones, is.”, because that would be a value judgement of the sort: “rational beings are worth more than irrational ones”.

          Rather, eating humans should be okay from a strictly culinary view. But that would bring immense disorder and chaos to social structures and the our lives would be much more at stake than today. We don’t eat each other because it is against our long-term interests of surviving as a civilization.

      • well I see that cow, chicken, duck, etc. are cute too. (I once raise a duck, before H5N1 of course)
        And of course I (and I’m sure all you here does) love chicken, cow, duck’s meat too.
        By that said, all of us will have a horrible death rite?

      • But eating any other sort of meat grants you access to the heavens, correct?

        Please, we eat meat. Regardless of where it comes from, if it’s edible it’s food. Mind you that we shouldn’t eat each other, just saying that it’s stupid to treat one animal different from another because it’s been domesticated and it’s “cute”. They can both be killed. They both contain meat. Although doing it as inhumanly as this is stupid as well.

      • That’s a naive position to take. I don’t like the practice of eating cats this way any more than you, but insinuating that someone deserves a horrible death eating an animal that’s cute is no less incorrect.

        Personally, I think it’s inhumane to prepare an animal while it is alive, and that it’s irresponsible to eat an animal that was not bred for the purpose.

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          “wrong either way from every ethical standpoint”

          Yes, and I suppose you represent all ethical standpoints amirite? Ethics in itself is a concept that can be defined as any set of guidelines by any person. E.g. Different religions have different dietary restrictions while the other animals are alright to eat. Is one of those religions more “ethical” than another? No, because that would imply one religion is better than the other, which is not true.

          You can’t take all ethical perspectives and not have such glaring contradictions between each set of perspectives.

          No, what you mean is that “I think that’s unethical” not “it’s unethical from every standpoint”

          Geez, how do you think your ancestors lived? Wait for them to develop nutrition pills so they can get all their needed sustenance? And to prevent you from misinterpreting and then countering it by something like “Yeah, but people from ancient times sacrificed shit and took joy in killing shit too, that’s unethical now”

          No, it’s only unethical now because we have the luxury to define such practices as unethical. E.g. Romans needed entertainment of some sort, some just liked gladiatorial fights more than playing chess or having a verbal debate. We only ban them now because we have the luxury of providing the masses with much needed entertainment.

        • “it’s irresponsible to eat an animal that was not bred for the purpose.”

          Do you have any idea what would happen if we stopped hunting? Try crashing your Prius to a moose that’s wandered to the road some time.

        • Armed intervention!

          It is just as irresponsible to eat an animal bred for the purpose of eating it. It is speciesism no matter how you look at it, and wrong either way from every ethical standpoint.

          However, I must agree that this torture surely should be illegal. But the important thing is to understand that whilst this surely seems worse than what is done in western “meat-farms”, it is actually not. I recommend watching Earthlings if you are not convinced and need examples.

          While this does enrage me, it doesn’t enrage me any more than what is done in other countries. It’s just sad that people react more when “cute” animals are tortured than when a less cute animal (cows, pigs etc) are tortured.

  • Man, there’s just something about having this happen to cats that strikes a chord in me. Pigs, chickens, cows, etc. have had, and in some cases still have this kind of barbaric treatment, but there’s kind of an apathy towards it by now.

    Not to mention that cat meat would probably be incredibly course and tough, the Chinese have rather interesting taste in food.

    • Actually your factory farms treat every single one of the billions of animals it processes a year horribly.

      These cats run around free until they’re caught, then they get bonked on the head to knock them out, and that’s all they ever know.

    • Oh come on, chicken, cow, baby cow, pig ok but somehow dog, cat & whale is ome how sick?

      Seriously, the sick part is the “cook alive” part of the dish, thats just sadistic, the eater probably get high of it. & trust me the chinese (not me though) some loves cooking foods alive (prawn, fish, etc.) i know since i once eat a dish where the fish’s head still alive while the body was fried.

        • Yeah, all that difficulty with the Iraqi Army…

          You must have forgotten that we took Baghdad in less than a week. Their capital, army, and government fell in a week. I think that says quite a lot. As for whether or not we actually have done anything else worth bragging, is unknown. I personally think the war was a ridiculous ploy, but likely saved the U.S. from further terror attacks. (From having our armed troops over there, radicals lose focus on attacking us stateside)

          All this shit aside. I hope to travel to China someday, I love the country and its history. Its culture contrasts so much to our own, although not so much now.

          Regardless, I see nothing wrong in this, it’s their culture and their food. I personally don’t want to eat cat…But I’ve a feeling it’ll taste just like Chicken. So when I’m in China someday and eating “Chicken”, hopefully it won’t taste like that cat that it was made from.

        • Actually the economy of China is the least affected by the America’s recession according to Business week and Forbes magazine. And also, China does have “lotsa resources” its just that America won’t have a easy time dealing with the Chinese military, especially since it had such difficulty with the Iraqi army.

        • Oh God you’re stupid… Iraq obviously wasn’t about oil. We haven’t gotten any substantial kick back from Iraq except a battle ground that isn’t the US. And don’t be dense… China has a shit load of high grade coal. Also we don’t need to invade China, the bad global economy is causing China to meltdown. Unless they can continually grow jobs in the countryside, millions of workers will flood the cities, and KABOOM!

    • Different culture, different foods. Just because its taboo to eat cats or dogs in our culture doesn’t mean it should be banned in other cultures. Quit trying to impose your fucking view on the world.

      • Dont be a fag even if its not bad to eat em the fact that thousands of em get catged is horrible becouse atleas 20% of em arent stray how would u feel if an companion of your would be boiled alive

      • Just because it isn’t taboo in another third world country filled with hairy baboons who do not share any moralistic doubts about what they do to these feline specimens does not justify what you are trying to say, Fickett. The world is what you see it as and I see this as wrong. If you want to tell me I’m wrong for saying someone else’s culture is wrong, then go ahead and waste your time with that. It’s wrong, many people agree it’s wrong. There are people out there in this world who will kill you for disagreeing. That’s the world we live in, so YOU quit trying to impose YOUR fucking view on THE WORLD.

        • Don’t waste your breath on this obese, diabetic, emo goth whore from America.

          She’s either that or a weak vegan slut that will die. Threatening to kill people? Laughable, you bitch.

        • Obviously your first response to seeing things like this would be to feel disgust. Beating an animal over the head and then boiling it alive, that’s gonna raise a few lights… because you’ve been taught that “knocking an animal senseless and boiling them alive and eating them” is bad (except when it’s a certain animal. then it’s okay).

          If you’re going to feel bad about those cats, you need to feel bad for all the pigs and cows and chickens and X and Y and Z that are killed and cooked in similar fashions (here in AMERICA, believe it or not). Heck, we boil all sorts of animals alive. Lots of fish, for that matter.

          Everyone in a society like ours will eventually become desensitized to the events that take place outside of our lives. For normal people, all that is important is what is happening around them. We all understand that cows are prepped and slaughtered, but we don’t care. All we care is that we get the meat, so we can keep living. Every day, people are killed. To us, it’s just another event that has nothing to do with us (unless it does have something to do with us. close friend, relative. then it’s a big deal. but otherwise, who cares?).

          For most Americans, we see cats as a pet. Something to be loved and played with. The thought of killing something like a cat seems completely disgusting to most people. Yet we have no problem with the slaughter of cows, pigs, chickens, etc… because they have nothing to do with us, I imagine.

          If you’re going to be smart about this, then you have basically one option… in the words of George Carlin: “you either care about every living thing or you don’t care about any of them.”

          >> It’s wrong, many people agree it’s wrong.
          The same could be said for the opposing side. Many people agree it’s not wrong. Because food is food. Heck, the 10000 people buying them a day don’t seem to have a problem with it.

          I don’t think it’s okay to knock an animal unconcious and then boil it alive… I also don’t think it’s okay to shock a cow into an unconcious state (apparently 30% of cows are not completely unconcious and are still perfectly awake. interesting), then hang it up, cut it up, and let it bleed to death. But for me, it’s one of those necessary things for me to keep living. Because I sure as heck and not going to hunt animals and kill them myself… that’d be just crazy.

      • that’s bullshit. its not about being tolerant of different cultures, it’s about a sick disgusting way of treating other creatures, much like in the west. its barbaric, it’s primitive, it isn’t logical social, ecologically, in any way. kudos

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          What if you have an overpopulation of cats? If you don’t start controlling the population, one part of that society’s going to have to give out to suit the rest.

          Iono about you, but I’d rather have us clubbing cats then clubbing humans.

          And besides, if you’re talking about efficiency, the best way would be to just throw the cat into the pot and not put in the extra effort of stunning them. If you don’t want to eat it, you might as well toss them into an incinerator then to save time and space.

        • true but at the same time, we chop off the heads of chickens while they are still alive while some places just clobber the chicken. Also we are essentially doing the same thing to fish, taking them out of the water, placing them on a chopping board as they are suffocating and cut off their heads. Either way food will be treated as food and btw lobsters crabs and clams have it worse, they’re not even clubbed stupid before being thrown into a pot of hot water

      • Earl of Norrisland says:

        You’r right about “different culture, different food”. But this doesn’t allow you to be so cruel to the cats.
        I mean, boiled alive. No living thing should be threaten this way just because it tastes good.
        (and yes, I despise the way lobster is cooked)

        “Quit trying to impose your fucking view on the world.”
        First: she did just say it’s terible, nothing more.
        Second: Your diction shows that you are noth woth a conversation.

        • Chicken is roughly have the same treatment, you boil them to remove their feather easily. Stop buying your meat at supermarket, go to the fresh market and see how they kill the animal effectively.

        • Glad someone around here has some sense.

          Iluna didn’t say “their culture is shit”–only that the practice is terrible, which it IS. Not a single mention was made of the fact that it’s China, or any derogatory remark made about their culture.

          So quit being so bloody butthurt and drawing conclusions where there are none to be found just because your asiaphile pride was hurt.

  • Fuckers try coming for my cat and they’ll find themselves being thrown into a pit a boiling oil.They might be able to do what they like in their own land but come here and try it and don’t be surprized if they’re the ones thrown alive into the boiling oil instead and then some.