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Sukumizu Most Loathed Moe Ero-Fashion Amongst Women


Otaku are weeping bitter tears upon being presented with the results of a recently conducted survey into which types of moe/fetish clothing are most accepted by actual females.

For once, the survey had a decent sample size (though probably not too randomly selected), with 2,000 participants, each being asked to identify which item of moe fashion they had least tolerance for. A sample of their responses is also presented with each item.

The results are instructive:

1. (24%) Sukumizu:
“I’m like, ‘What?’”
“People with a taste for loli are just impossible.”

2. (21%) Anime Cosplay:
“I don’t get it.”
“There’s a boundary between 2D and 3D – open your eyes!”
“I don’t even want to understand it.”
“Gross. Otaku suck.”
“I think the moe influence on them is the character, not the girl…”

3. (11%) Gym uniform (taisougi)/bloomers:
“I don’t get what’s so good about these at all.”
“Just… why?”
“I still remember the disgust I felt…”
“This is just perverted, right?”

4. (9%) Hadaka apron (naked apron):
“My boyfriend is actually into this…”
“You’re basically naked, right?”
“This is pretty sexy…”
“Having your bottom exposed like that is just too embarrassing.”

5. (8%) Shimapan

6. (5%) School uniform

7. (4%) Nurse uniform

8. (3%) Pantsu and shirt (Y-shirts)

Other comments:

“People all have different tastes, but basically I don’t understand any of these.”

“There’s nothing I really dislike here. Aren’t nurse uniforms cute, if they match?”

“Since I’m ok with any of these I’ve probably been infected by ota…”

“It’s a matter of personal choice, but I think if you take it too far that’s no good.”

“Personally, I’d like to try out being a maid…”


Via Gyao Trend.

It seems hadaka apron has a good chance, but sukumizu and cosplay are out. Y-shirtsu and nurse and school uniforms look practically de rigeur amongst Japanese ladies.

Possibly maid outfits are not featured as too few objected to them?


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