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Touhou Anime Due, with All Star Seiyuu Cast


The Touhou Project has finally given rise to an anime, 夢想夏郷 / Musou Kakyou, to be distributed at the upcoming Comiket on DVD, and featuring an all star seiyuu cast despite being a doujin product.

The preview video:

Player 1

A variety of professional seiyuu are lending their voices to the project:

博麗霊夢 / Hakurei Reimu: 中原麻衣 / Mai Nakahara (Higurashi’s Rena, Clannad’s Nagisa, Utawarerumono’s Yuzuha, etc)

霧雨魔理沙 / Kirisame Marisa: 沢城みゆき / Miyuki Sawashiro (Rozen Maiden’s Shinku, Kannagi’s Tsugumi)

射命丸文  / Shameimaru Aya: 藤村歩 / Ayumi Fujimura

パチュリー・ノーレッジ / Patchouli Knowledge: 高橋美佳子 / Mikako Takahashi

十六夜咲夜 / Sakuya Izayoi: 田中理恵 / Rie Tanaka

You can see full details at Maikaze.

The DVD will be distributed as a limited edition box set, for ¥2,800, and including an OST CD, a collection of pictures, postcards, etc.

C75 release details are as follows: 月曜日(二日目) 西地区 “あ” ブロック 41a.

Sales through the usual distributors will follow afterwards. Odd for them not to opt for Reitaisai?

An anime adaptation was inevitable, as Touhou is serious business, but for a doujin anime to be managed is rather surprising.

Doubtless not the last we hear of the anime, though it would be surprising for it not to eventually be adapted into a professionally produced series, as the copyright objections raised thus far seem more like stalling than any genuine obstruction?

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