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Comiket 75 Mini-Preview: Ishikei, Tony, Nekomataya…


The time for Comic Market 75 is drawing near, and as with every Comiket, otaku eagerly anticipate the coming flood of new doujinshi. Presented here is a mini-preview of a few of the planned releases…

The titles we see here form merely a small sampling of the many, many upcoming releases already announced for Comiket 75.

All the artists/circles highlighted here are at least somewhat well-known, but not all are necessarily great artists. Nonetheless, I expect most readers should be able to find at least one title to be interested about here.


Ishikei – Unnamed Kannagi Book

The new release by famed artist Ishikei (also known as 偽MIDI泥の会 / NiseMIDIDoroNoKai) will likely be at the top of many otaku’s buy-lists this Comiket.

There has been no announcement of the name of his new book nor even which series it will be based on, but in all likelihood it will be a Kannagi book as evidenced by this picture of Nagi displayed on the frontpage of his website.


Tony Taka – Unnamed Clannad Book

Definitely one of the most anticipated releases will be this Clannad release by esteemed artist Tony Taka. Judging from the front cover, Tomoyo is likely to be the featured girl.

However, Tony’s doujinshi tend to be long and include many omake pictures unrelated to the main story, so we are likely to get a Tony-fied version of several of the Clannad girls.


Nekomataya – Az U Like (tenative title) [Idol Master]

Although not as famed as Tony or Ishikei, Nekomataya (also known as Nekomata Naomi) is another top-class artist that will be releasing a new book this Comiket.

The book is identified as being based on Idol Master, but there is no known preview picture available.The above picture is instead Nekomataya’s last pre-C75 release, Butaiura no Nemurihime, also an Idol Master book.


Tukimi Daifuku – Mileina no Ryoukiteki na Kyuujitsu [Gundam 00]

Tukimi Daifuku will continue his series of Gundam 00 books, this time featuring Mileina.

Having already released doujinshi featuring some of the more prominent female members of the cast, it is not entirely unexpected that a supporting character would be in the spotlight this time, although the decision to skip Feldt or Christina in favor of Mileina is surprising.


Gust – A&U2 [Mahou Sensei Negima]

Gust continues his seemingly endless series of Negima doujinshi with a sequel to his previous title A&U.

The above picture is of the original A&U, but there is an incomplete picture of the A&U2 cover available at Gust’s website.


Turning Point – HaruKyon no Ecchihon 10 [Haruhi]

Circle Turning Point will be releasing a new title in their popular Haruhi based HaruKyon series.

Unfortunately there is no preview picture available, so we must make do with a picture from the previous entry in the series, HaruKyon 9.


Kimigabuchi – Ma ni Aeba [Gurren Lagann]

Circle Kimigabuchi, most known for their Evangelion based Re-Take series, will have a few new releases, but only this ad-laden preview image for their new  Gurren Lagann book is available.


St. Rio – Gakkyu Houkai [Kodomo no Jikan] / To Aru Majutsu no Otaku [Index]

Few would describe circle St. Rio’s art as being particularly accomplished, but they are well-known, perhaps for the particularly frenetic action and nakadashi themes present in all their works.

Prolific as ever in their production, St. Rio will simultaneously release two books based on the reigning champion of lolicon series, Kodomo no Jikan.

St. Rio will also release a book entitled To Aru Majutsu no Otaku (A Certain Magical Otaku), which I think we can safely interpret to be an A Certain Magical Index book.

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