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Perverts Plot Group Gropes Online, Swarm Victims


A group of four train molesters who gathered en masse to overwhelm their hapless female victim were found to have been organising their actions on an underground forum, where they coordinated their assault and discussed tactics. It transpired that they did not in fact even know one another.

Their discovery started with an everyday incident of train groping, but it soon came to be realised this was no ordinary act of misdirected lust, for not only did a group of four of the chikan materialise to molest their victim, a 22-year-old lady who they surrounded and began to assail, it became apparent that none of the attackers had ever met one another before.

In fact the two arrested, a 39-year-old chief postal clerk and a 53-year-old dispatch worker, shared no similarity in age or occupation, and are thought to have only ever met online.

Such chikan apparently congregate around numberless bulletin boards, which overflow with their obscene plans, and also serve as a gathering place for those wishing to start their disgraceful careers as train gropers.

An example of the kind of candid discussion occurring on such sites follows:

“What’ve we to do if we want to join in?”

“It’ll be tomorrow on the number 3. There’s a lot more of us than before, it’s quite a surprise. Tomorrow at 6 in ‘Bukuro (Ikebukuro).”

They even discuss tactics:

“In our group we may not even know each other’s names or skills, but we operate enclosure tactics all the same. First, spot your girl and gather round her.

Then, isolate her from the other passengers by obstructing their view of her. After that, take your time and savour your delicious meal.

On an express, they don’t stop for 14 minutes, so you can have your way with her as much as you like for that time.”

There are said to innumerable such sites, even including ones designed for mobiles, such that ascertaining the true number is extremely difficult.

Via ZakZak.

Japan’s trains seem to have developed their own highly disturbing (though not, it has to be said, all that dangerous) culture of madness, with all manner of crazed antics, miserable cowardice and occasional valour on display… As well as dread cosplay.

Isn’t public transportation marvellous?

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