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Lolicon Teacher Schoolgirl Vacuum Cleaner Communication


An elementary school teacher who groped and fondled no less than seven of his female pupils, at one point enlisting the aid of a vacuum cleaner, may face punishment, though for the time being he still works at the school. “I was trying to communicate with them” he explains.

The teacher (51) touched the chests and nether regions of at least seven of his female pupils through their clothes, explaining his actions by saying it was an attempt to “communicate” with them, from September 2006 to May of this year.

He variously undertook his communication efforts in break and during the craft lessons he oversaw.

On at least one occasion it seems he needed to use a vacuum cleaner to further his efforts, utilising it to lift the skirt of one girl he was particularly concerned to communicate with.

His victims complained to the school, and the principal and vice-principal repeatedly asked him to stop his perverted acts, but he ignored them. They apparently did not see fit to pursue the matter further.

The Board of Education responsible is “planning disciplinary measures” it assures us, though as yet has not seen fit to act.

He still works at the school, though from June he has no longer been taking classes.

Via ZakZak.

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