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GDH & Gonzo Sacking 25% of Employees


After announcing its intent to radically restructure and halve output, so as to avert losses which could otherwise lead to rapid bankruptcy, Gonzo and parent GDH have begin thinning out the numbers of their employees, as well as executives, starting immediately by recruiting 50 people for “voluntary redundancy”.

GDH itself only has 50 employees, whilst Gonzo has another 150, so these numbers represent a drastic cut and a sign that whatever emerges from the restructuring is not likely to be the same GDH/Gonzo as before.

Those who take a chance with the voluntary rather than involuntary sacking will get a paltry one month’s salary as bounty for their own heads, so we can but wonder what they intend to give any involuntarily dismissed people should they have to resort to this, as seems quite possible.

Selling off anime production assets as they intend will strip away even more employees, so doubtless they are hoping to minimise the number of outright sackings required.

The major franchise (of interest) this looks to be endangering is the highly successful Strike Witches series, which seems set for a new season. Fans must hope so profitable a franchise is out of the danger zone, though they have ominously been talking of focusing the reformed company on “casual” anime.

Via ITmedia.

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