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Schoolgirl Captures Train Groper


A schoolgirl who was routinely molested on her train commute to school struck back and caught the perpetrator red-handed, overpowering him and handing him over to authorities for arrest.

The girl, a high school student, was repeatedly groped on her school commute during October, always on the same line.

Resolving to do something about this wretched state of affairs, she consulted a male friend, who agreed to accompany her on her daily journey.

With a mail to his mobile as the signal, he would come to her aid when she was attacked.

Sure enough, after alighting the express train, her dignity was once more assailed, in this case by her posterior being fondled through her skirt.

Her companion, stood two metres away, received her SOS and came to assistance immediately, overpowering the chikan.

The man they captured, a 35-year-old tax accountant, was handed over to police and has been charged under anti-molestation ordinances.

“I didn’t do anything at all” pleas the suspected pervert.

Via ZakZak.

Japan’s railways would be a more civilized place if there were more gallant young ladies such as this. Ludicrous measures such as women-only carriages surely only send the wrong message to female passengers.

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