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Me coming from a place where absolutely everybody is brown, I thought RER D was kinda scary with all the blacks and arabs from Grigny and Évry.

I was wrong O_o

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  • Cosplay Terror Train:
    Kill it with fire

  • Cosplay Terror Train:
    It’s even more terrifying when you realize that the majority of those cosplayers are guys. Not because they’re cosplaying, or that they’re crossdressing – that they want to live up at an impossible, inhuman standard so that they can look like living cartoons.

  • Cosplay Terror Train:
    90% of them probably are

  • Cosplay Terror Train:
    They will be there very soon :)

  • Cosplay Terror Train:
    I’d scream: “OH MY GOD” Very loud in obvious English with no accent. And RUN

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  • Your Yokai Harem: “Retro H-RPG Action”:
    Reminds me of Brave Soul. :D

  • New Season of Hetalia Announced:
    Why do you post this shit Sankaku – I don’t need to know this yaoi stuff exists. Why can’t yaoi have its own sites, fan groups, & coverage away from NORMAL Anime arenas. Hentai gets it’s own special treatment because its full of mature themes – why can’t yaoi be it’s own realm that rarely collides with mainstream stuff. I’ll accept it exists and leave it alone but I wonder why a site like Sankaku even mentions it- we just had 2 seasons of “Free!”- cool it

  • New Season of Hetalia Announced:
    AHHH Fuckin’ Dam it! – enough of this gay shit!! How many seasons has this show gotten? Most shows never get past 2! It’s cause of fuckin’ “FREE!” – oh, now there’s a market for Boys buggering eachother.

  • New Season of Hetalia Announced:
    Ah, Hetalia. I’ve never seen it, I just know it as “The show that gives tasteless cosplayers an excuse to dress up as Nazis.” Fuck this show.

  • Pandra: Shinkyoku no Grimoire Excessively Ero:
    Why would he need to shut up? He’s like the village idiot, amusing enough to keep around. :)


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