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“see your gfriend having sex with another with another guy.”

Thats exactly what I was thinking.
I’m still not able to dislike her, but it somehow rly makes me sad. D:

It was the same with Kohaku and Sakura.
But I guess I was more disturbed about the fact that the poor girls were being raeped when they were young…

Well, for me there is no need for a 2D girl being not a virgin. Just makes you feeling down. xD

I think she was a virgin. There is blood when she slept with Shirou the first time. Though she says afterwards “I know how to make a man happy.”…

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  • Idol Prostitution Rife, says Fallen Idol Minako Komukai:
    Yes, it was pretty obvious that there would be such things in that kind of business. Idols are after all just fap material… Just hope this revelation somehow opens the eyes of some naive girls, though won’t happen I guess.


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