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Look at how well she can draw.

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  • Sankaku Complex App Available Now:
    Google accepted the white app and signed off on three versions of it. The problem was that they objected to an email address in the app store entry (it was there from the start so apparently some of their staff were being difficult), refused to tell this, then banned us for being rejected. The app itself was never an issue. Apple are known to be strict, but they are also known for providing detailed feedback on rejection reasons and not banning developers for being rejected.

  • Sankaku Complex App Available Now:
    Will investigate further, thanks!

  • Sankaku Complex App Available Now:
    4+ should be OK.

  • Sankaku Complex App Available Now:
    A modern Material interface for an app consuming complex API data like this requires a lot of JS, native code, or otherwise, there is no way around it! Even the website already uses vast amounts of JS. We will likely provide a hybrid version at some point, but performance is liable to be an issue on some platforms.

  • Sankaku Complex App Available Now:
    Supporting iPhone requires some finesse as we cannot provide a sideloaded version like on Android. We are working on something though.


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