Comment on Hellsing Ends by haruthebum:

if only they could mix the two, the music in ultimate is so bad I honestly considered muting it and turning on some deathklock instead.

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  • Yuri Anime Legends:
    doesn’t it always?

  • Boys Love City Library Sexually Harasses Residents:
    actually I’ve had quite a few females complain about yuri being disgusting, degrading to women, and that it shouldn’t exist. (they all happened to be fat ass yaoi fangirls, and thus hypocritical idiots who just try to demonize anything they can’t understand.) I actually have a few friends (who are lesbians) who have been practically attacked by these hypocritical lesbo-bashers. moral of the story is, there are always an equal amount of idiots on either side of the fence, its just that you …

  • Yuri Anime Legends:
    the last one in the first video is loveless. (which has some shonen-ai in it also, but the manga is very worth reading if only for the yuri and the interesting plot, the anime only goes partway through the story then ends abruptly.)

  • Kannagi – Nagi Yuri Raep Anime:
    I really need to start watching this now…. although I still doubt it’ll top toradora.

  • Goku Zetsubou OP Revealed: Skewers Lucky Star:
    I’m not really into either, they both seem sort of pointless. allthough I can atleast sit through SZS without raging, and certain episodes are pretty funny, but more than half of them just feel really boring and pointless. all in all I think SZS isn’t really a terrible anime, it just could have used some “real” plot instead of just a bunch of gags linked together.


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