Comment on Japanese TV Sex Chaos by nckl:

Out of all the pics of naked girls / pantsu / boob shots, I thought the Ultraman one was the best. O_o;

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  • Excellent Tomoyo Sakagami Cosplay:
    > Why do you care if it’s a female or not? I think the Internet has warped the minds of some of its followers. Since all guys are guys and all girls are guys on the Internet, it MUST hold true for the real world as well. There’s no other explanation for it.

  • New Negima 3rd TV Series Likely Due:
    I’m actually the opposite. Granted, I only saw the first episode of season #1, but I hated it. I did, however, love the “second season.” It was so stupid and random, and I particularly loved the weird as hell Motsu. If season #3 was like “season #2,” I wouldn’t mind it.

  • Miss Japan 2009 Huge Macross Frontier Fan:
    Uncharismatic-looking indeed. The “wtf am I doing here?” face in the last pic doesn’t help. =D I don’t know if that’s the same bikini as Ms. Hirano, but IMO it looks too loose … almost flabby-like. But enough bashing from me. She looks like a nice girl with a pleasant personality, so congrats to her for winning.

  • Riding Machine Idol:
    Something is wrong with me. I enjoyed the eye candy chick in second video, but I enjoyed the cheesy BGM track a lot more. =

  • Sony: “Xbox Lacks Longevity”, MS: “Sony is Out of Touch”:
    In some ways I wouldn’t mind a one console world. At least then I can actually play all the games I want instead of needing to deal with console exclusives. With that said, seeing Sony bow out and Microsoft win out doesn’t sit well with me for some reason. If only Microsoft and Sony could merge their consoles together … the fan feedback would be awesomely hilarious. (Note: I’m ignoring Nintendo since they’re part of a “different world” apparently.)


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