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The Bikini Accident of Aya Hirano


Fans of bikini model and occasional seiyuu Aya Hirano are in uproar over the embarrassing clothing malfunction which befell her in a recently published photo shoot.

The star model’s bikini was worn improperly, we hear. Swimwear aficionados are aghast at the error, and many wonder just how such an obvious blunder was allowed to slip through. Below you see the proper way of wearing the bikini in question.

Correct Bikini


Kind 2channers have rectified the error for her:


The impact of the obese model’s latest blunder has made her career of pouting in alluring swimwear more difficult to take seriously for many, to say nothing of the impact on “Aya Style”, though her essential charms seem to remain intact.

Perhaps she should explore a new career direction by pursuing her occasional stints as seiyuu?

The general opinion of Ms Hirano not being the sharpest knife in the drawer also seems to be getting reaffirmed by this news, although others convincingly point out that it is likely her stylist who deserves censure.

Whatever the case, it may well be something which only contributes to her mystique, and her fans are unlikely ever to perceive aught but forgivable faults in her, however overweight she is.

My apologies to those of you looking for a more stimulating slip out, rather than up. Content yourselves with this gallery instead.


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