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Schoolgirl Groper Skewered


A man (25), accused of groping a girl at a crowded beach, but who denied the charge, ended up dying after being thoroughly impaled in an attempt at flight from his questioners.

He was taken into custody after one of the girls in question reported him: “He touched my breasts and stuff”.

Whilst police were questioning him over this, after five minutes he became agitated and screamed “I didn’t do it!”, and then leapt out of the second floor window, which was open, whereupon he fell onto the iron railings pictured, now ominously bent, skewering his neck. He was rushed to hospital, but later died of blood loss.


The young ladies who accused him of this, a group of three high school classmates, were playing with a rubber ring in the sea, when, they claim, a man swam up and groped one, then swam off.

The trio then took it upon themselves to search for the culprit, and upon finding a likely suspect after an hour of searching, reported him to police. That suspect was the man in question, who was visiting the beach with his wife and a friend for a spot of relaxation.

There were said to be some 45,000 people on the beach at the time.

Via Sponichi.

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  • i relly dont know what to say about this..

    45k people they found him 1hr later its imposable to confirm if it was him accused him and then lead to his death.. ceated a widow yea he jumped but some people have low paranoia thresholds this is tbh quite sad that the police didnt close the window. sad that the girls tracked a man wether guilty or not down and lead to his death, i wonder how the school girl took it knowing she lead to a mans death..

  • Well this sucks either way.

    A. It’s just an unusually paranoid, but innocent, guy that freaked out over his reputation being damaged after getting falsely/mistakenly accused of groping. The girls also suffer tremendous emotional trauma for accidentally/intentionally accusing the wrong man and him getting killed over it (even if jumping out the window was his own fault).

    B. It’s an unusually paranoid, but guilty, guy that freaked out over his reputation being damaged after getting accused of groping. The girls also suffer tremendous emotional trauma because they’re not quite sure they got the right man, or just because however sure they were of his guilt, or how bad of a decision it was to jump out that window, he still didn’t deserve to die.

    And of course, both parties families go through plenty of grief as well I’m sure.


  • Sure, maybe it wasn’t him. But why did he leap out of the second floor? And, out of the 45+k people there, how sure are they that there was no other perv in the area? Maybe he was at the WRONG place at the WRONG time (not to mention jumping into the WORST place ever?)(Also, out of the many possible places to be skewered alive, his neck was “lucky” enought” ouch. Painful way to leave this earth). Maybe he deserved punishment, but this is just BEYOND wrong. In b4 “Man dies because of “groping”?”

  • I wonder how did they round up a ‘likely’ suspect after searching for an hour? Did they really remember the groper’s traits after the interval of an hour in the middle of 45,000 of other ‘likely’ suspects?

  • I’m a guy. I might like to be groped by a chick. But if for some reason I wasn’t feeling like it and a woman groped me against my will I’d see it as a BAD crime. And I would make sure to burn the image of that person’s face into my mind so if I saw her again, even if after a YEAR I’d still remember her, and I’d dial 911 and get the police to arrest her.

    That’s probably what those girls did. They made a POINT of recognizing his face and made a POINT of finding him. So when they found him the KNEW it was him. So the man who died WAS guilty.

    All I can say is that’s one less perv walking the streets. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • tsssk if I was innocent I wouldnt jump out a friggin window. What an idiot. Acting the way he did simply tells me he’s the one behind it.
    Ah well, one less freak in this world. Shameless bastard.

    • I suspect most guilty people wouldn’t jump out of the window either. I’d say the man was a little disturbed and his jumping is an unreliable way to ascertain his guilt, to say the least.

      • No, the girls should not be in prison because they did not cause his death, he did by taking a leap of faith out a window and not knowing what was below. They could have been wrong but in that case, why would he have ran? If it were me and i was innocent, i would stay true to my argument and do anything but run from the police.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is a situation were it is unreasonable to expect help. The report expresses a clear lack of certainty. Even if most would not think to wait for a second attempt, it is important to consider the effect of making a different kind of victim from an uninvolved stranger. Some may think nothing of being touched and others may be hurt, but just about everyone would be hurt from an accusation like this. Also, with the way things have been going in Japan I wouldn’t have believed that my wife and friend’s testimony would be enough in that situation. It is easy to believe that they are protecting him. Personally, I have been on both sides, being accused of touching and being touched by a girl when she thought I was asleep. I have even been blackmailed. It’s traumatizing and unfair. He may have lost control and lost everything but these are not accusations you can justify doing carelessly. He may have been weak enough to kill himself but don’t mock him.

        • Anonymous says:

          People being accosted by cops and/or reporters will often go to great lengths to reattain anonymity or circumscribe innocence to their unscrupulous kangaroo tribunal.
          These girls were somewhat idiotic. A momentary groping at a beach of 45,000 people – that’s more than the population of many large towns.
          Even as a guy, I’ve been groped by older women (in anonymity) a number of beaches before (which says a lot for a 23 year old).
          But I know a lot of people who have gone to great lengths to try to escape the frenzy of speculation surrounding an accusation; and it often entails the innocent more than the guilty (who readily walk out to face their accusers).
          Poor guy – what a way to go. Innocent or not, NOBODY deserves this. A man died a horrific death because these kids were too stupid to understand the extensive implication they were imparting.
          The girls could have at least employed due diligence and awaited a possible second encounter, or, with such a serious accusation, think like an ADULT and apply to speculation ONLY the prospect of a FULL IDENTIFICATION of the individual, or none at all if there’s ANY uncertainty abroad.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, because after someone is groped the first thing that comes to mind, especially for high school girls, is ‘I’ll just wait until it happens again and then I can catch him!’ Yeah, right, most ADULTS wouldn’t even think that way.
          Maybe you didn’t think it was a big deal to get ‘groped’ by women at the beach but not everyone is as casual as you I suspect.

          If they guy hadn’t jumped out the window then maybe they would have been able to discern if it was the guy in question. Since he was there with his family they should have known where he was during the time in question.

          It is people like you who accost the victimized that make it so hard for people who have been abused to seek help.

      • You do realise that you might be accusing these girls yet they might be innocent (because they actually were diligent and found the right guy)? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the guy was guilty (but probably a little odd in the head or he might have decided against hopping out the window), but I doubt you can actually prove the girls’ guilt, either, so demanding they put into prison seems you’d do much the same.