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Hetalia (Web Comic) Anime Announced


Unusually, a (popular) web comic has had an anime version announced, in what may be a first. Axis Powers ヘタリア / Axis Powers Hetalia is published on the author’s homepage (it should be said that the author, 日丸屋秀和 / Hidemaruya Hidekazu, does have experience as a professional mangaka), and is freely viewable, though a hardcopy manga version has also been published.

The comic is a comedic story of the WWII powers interacting, told through four panel strips, with the various characters each being anthropomorphised representations of their national characters.

I had a read, and it does seem quite amusing, though the art is rather scrappy and low resolution. The humour is at times insightful, though it is probably a bit less sharp than might be expected. Historically it also seems reasonably accurate.

It looks to be a very original premise for an anime, and I note with interest that no token female characters make an appearance, so it will be interesting to see how well this can be marketed; hopefully, it will be no great impediment to what could turn out to be a most original work.

I’m scratching my head trying to think of any other web comic anime… Is this a first?


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