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Slayers Beats Earthquake


Looks likes Slayers Revolution beat the recent and rather vigourous earthquake (all the other channels there are showing reports of the earth struggling in vain to heave off the oppressive weight of Japanese cities), but otherwise its ratings have been notably abysmal, having gone from a respectable 2.5% at start to a pathetic 0.8%, at the very bottom of the pile… things are not looking good for the continuance of Lina and the gang’s adventures at present.

Perhaps the plan to sell the Slayers DVD edition at what works out at a steep ¥2,000 per episode will have to be rethought at this rate…

You can see the full ratings here; the top anime slots are as ever dominated by the likes of Crayon Shin-chan and Doraemon, but of the more internationally popular, marathon series such as One Piece and Keroro Gunsou do well. Of the new crop Antique Bakery comes in with a strong showing at 3%. Poor Slayers.

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  • Late comment I know. But alot of people forget the same thing happened to Code Geass R2. It started out at around 3, dropped to below 1 by the mid/late single digit episodes. Then it came back up to 3 by the teens.

    It just seems like Japan has it in it’s head in general that everything has to look “modern”. I guess they’re just not into appreciating anything retro.

    • Late comments are appreciated.

      Slayers is such a robust series that it seems unlikely to flop, but the issue is probably more whether there will be anything after this… if it does pick up, as you say it will likely be fine.

  • Tim James says:

    awww, thats kinda sad its not doing too good! has it just lost popularity or is this new series just not any good?

    slayers, along with tenchi muyo and gundam wing was one of the series that introduced me to the wonderful world of anime, i havent seen any for ages…. in fact, amazon should be delivering me the complete slayers boxset, cant waut to see it all again.

      • Zelgadis4tw says:

        Slayers was one of the first anime to introduce me into this form of entertainment, and the series practically made me cry in the end. I was actually disappointed that they didn’t use the character designs and color scheme from TRY although I suppose that would have been asking for too much. I am one of the many that feel it’s lost it’s sparkle, though not by any means the fault of the Slayer’s age.

        The story was poorly executed, and the characters were hollow shells of their former selves. If the story line didn’t basically toss out what had happened in the previous series of the show and made it feel like Lina et al were dragged along by the story, and not driving the story, then I believe we would have had a gem worthy of being called Slayers.

      • Tim James says:

        i dont mind the old charater design, and i can imagine a fan uproar if they had been messed with, but then again you cant please anything.

        I realy do love the modern anime style, but i love it when every now and then something comes out that looks like it should be older… the second series of The Galaxy Railways for example, that was a thing of beauty!