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Yeah. This won’t kill the industry, however it will have a reversed effect…

Just like the late 90s/early 2000s mp3 boom. People will find a way to get around it somehow.

The fans hold the most power, of all.

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  • Japan Plans Assault on Fansubbing:
    No, that’s a stupid idea. No one would buy those fansubbed episodes. Maybe if they were true 720p and $0.50. I could spend 50 cent on an episode of anime but I’ll just get it elesewhere for free rather than $2. You can watch all episodes of many series’ on Crunchyroll and it’s only $7/mo.

  • Japan Plans Assault on Fansubbing:
    It’s not a case of companies being technologicially impaired, it’s the limitations of the DVD standards. DVD subs can’t be anti-aliased, at least not completely. DVD subs can’t do karaoke effects, unless they’re hardsubbed. What exactly is “common sense placement”? Fansubs don’t use common sense placement either, as their subs often hug the borders of the image and drag viewers’ eyes away from the main action. Most fansub karaoke coloring only serves to make the subtitles as background-blending …

  • Japan Plans Assault on Fansubbing:
    Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear. How quick they are to forget. I’ve been involved in the fan subbing culture for many years ( almost 20 years) due to the fact that here in the UK Anime titles were unavailable. That’s because everybody here at the time thought they were just cartoons for kids, until people like myself set out to “educate” people about this form of art. In the past Hollywood had gotten hold of a few of these titles and in their travesty of translation completely destroyed the whole …

  • Japan Plans Assault on Fansubbing:
    wait, isn’t this the country that has no industrial espionage laws? Wouldn’t fansubbing fall directly under that category? Anime is part of the Entertainment Industry right?

  • Japan Plans Assault on Fansubbing:
    so agree with that…

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