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Woman Sneaks Into, Inhabits Closet Undetected for Months


A homeless old lady (58) snuck into a man’s house, and made a secret nest at the top of his closet, all whilst not being detected, even going so far as to somehow sneak a mattress into her nest, and she is suspected of having lived thus for some months, police report. The woman, whose name is given as Tatsuko Horikawa, has been arrested for trespass.

“I had nowhere to live” is apparently her justification for her bizarre and wanton trespass.

The unemployed man (57) whose house she made her lair lived alone, unaware of his secret closet lodger, until gradually he came to notice a string of strange occurrences – his food would inexplicably go missing from time to time. He became suspicious, and so set a trap, in the form of an alarm with an attached camera which would mail a photograph to his mobile phone, when triggered by motion.

When he was out, the alarm triggered, and seeing the photos of a person moving about his home, he called the police. The police came running, and soon discovered the unknown occupant of his closet, the dread Tatsuko. She is thought to have come and gone from her closet nest several times previously, and the detritus of an extended stay was found in the lair, in the form of plastic bottles and similar.

This story strikes me as being incredibly bizarre? More so than my usual stories, at any rate.

What did she do for her toilet needs? How did she sneak a mattress into her closet? How did she live at the top of the closet? What did she do in there?

Don’t forget to check your closets. Via Asahi.

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