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If you guys can’t find it its called googleing it.

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  • Top 20 Anime Songs with Female Vocals:
    [comment about why my favorite song isn’t on the list]

  • Nutaku x Kimochi: “We’ll Create A Platform For H!”:
    So there are SJW work in Nutaku, screaming “think of the children” in the company too? Fuck it. Why western countries so obsess with old female muscle face and hairy leg? Until they change to removed mosaics + maintain all characters and Japan voice, I’m not going in their ship.

  • You Belong to Me Takes Charge:
    Obviously the OP called the VN disgusting, not sexual acts in general. But good job at making an ass out of yourself by intentionally misinterpreting his comment.

  • You Belong to Me Takes Charge:
    Unfortunately, this is how babies are made. According to your logic are all disfuckingusting. You should play SystemShock.

  • Nutaku x Kimochi: “We’ll Create A Platform For H!”:
    Never going to happen in the real world. Flash is going to be THE defacto standard for games F O R E V E R ! I’ve talked with some people who have tried doing Flash games in HTML5 and to be quite blunt: DOES NOT WORK!


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