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Naruko Hanaharu’s New Eromanga


I read recently at Moeyo that master ero-mangaka 鳴子ハナハル/Naruko Hanaharu has his first compilation, 少女マテリアル, Girl Material, set for release in early May. I am certainly anticipating this one. Up to now he has published a variety of dojinshi, as well as often appearing in Kairakuten magazine – surprisingly for an erotic artist he also draws the Kamichu! manga adaptation. Some distinctly steamier pictures are inside.




One thing I really like about his work is that he portrays a variety of endowments, all very skillfully drawn.


He also does a lot of work in colour.


Since his works are spread all over hard to get dojinshi and old magazines, I think you could definitely be forgiven for looking to the numerous collections circulating on the Internet for more.

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