Noble Knightess Brigade Completely Ravaged




The age old anime trope of “being transported to a fantasy world” has served as the main premise of Norn/Miel/Cybele’s Noble Knightess Brigade, allowing players the opportunity to wreak havoc on every and any woman they come across in true eroge fashion.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 07:36

    Ruining a beautiful pair of breasts with shitty piercings. I pass... More

20-Year-Old OL Goddess Immensely Steamy


The pent-up sexual frustrations of a luscious OL has seemingly caused her to wildly upload scandalous images of herself to the internet, showing off not just her supple breasts and stylish pantsu but some masturbatory antics as well that will no doubt be appreciated by many.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 07:39

    9 years over the hill. Nothing to see here fellas. Move along.... More


Despite so many nursing a soft-spot for puchi beastoids, this ranking has accumulated those which anime fans just can’t abide – with the list also surprisingly boasting a few notable animals from the west as well.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 07:14

    Wait what, is this this backwards or something? Jerry is way worse than Tom ever was, What is wrong with Snoopy?! The Fuck?!... More

  • loplop commented on April 25, 2017 05:46

    Snoopy? Really? I can think of a whole lot of western animal characters that would be more annoying that him. Especially anything Disney . . . .... More

Onsen Desire Onahole Potentially Moist


Another otaku fantasy has been recreated in onahole form with the “Onsen Desire“, simulating the moist opening of a beautiful bathing woman and seemingly being used as a cash-grab catering to desperate otaku in need of “love”.

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Touhou maidens and equally hot vehicles have come together as demonstrated by this sexy cosplay of Fujiwara no Mokou by Kisaragi Ash, with the desirable woman wearing not only her original attire but a skimpier one as well that will help garner the attention of more than just motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Dragon Quest Heroes II Overflowing with Fighters




Another character introduction trailer has emerged for the upcoming western release of Dragon Quest Heroes II, acquainting newcomers to the series with characters from games throughout the entire franchise and possibly selling other titles as a result.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 07:55

    If it wasn't for the fact that it was multiplayer, I'd probably pass on it.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 06:16

    I know but the missions were literally pointless. It had you killing the same random groups over and over. It needed more variety.... More

Alice to Zouroku Overflowing with Emotion




Emotions have unsurprisingly run high with the latest airing of Alice to Zouroku, causing the aged Zouroku to end up rushing to the aid of the abducted Sana and making some wish the series would be less cruel to the innocent girl…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 03:51

    Dam Sexy as hell Hospital gown.... More

Luscious Leviathan Ero-Figure


One of the sinfully sexy devils of the currently airing Sin Nanatsu no Taizai has gotten another seductive figurine from Hobby Japan, with the voluptuous Leviathan getting the opportunity to unveil her nude frame to buyers when she makes her way to the human world in November.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 00:51

    The figure is more likely a new release for the character itself coz this time the figure design is more likely follow the anime character design,so for me this new one is more beautiful n... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 00:44

    Nice figure though...... More

Zutto Suki Datta Total NTR Anime




Loss of innocence has once again become the central theme of another vile ero-anime, with Zutto Suki Datta telling the sad tale of a love that had yet to blossom being ruined by a rapacious third party – just the thing for NTR fans.

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  • Ishmon16 commented on April 25, 2017 08:09

    Thank fucking GOD its Queen Bee now im not mad at all the NTR this month.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 06:59

    The girl was fucked senseless by some random stranger. How much happy that can be? The dude is a fucking cuck and the girl a loose cum dump... Yeah, very happy ending........ More


Possibly acquiring the top spot due to his questionable moral ethics, the anti-hero of one particularly deadly series has been labeled as the worst potential friend according to voters of this latest ranking, a title that would likely prove meaningless to such a self-centered character…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 05:04

    Geez what about Kacchan from Hero Academia?... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 02:33

    all his friends die... More

Neko-Nin ExHeart “Ninja Cat-Girls!”




Another eroge capitalizing on the cuteness of cat-girls, Neko-Nin ExHeart, will soon be making its way westward for barbarians to enjoy, possibly serving as an adequate replacement before the arrival of (the unfortunately delayed) superior cat-girl eroge Nekopara.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 06:23

    Nope. Nekos for the win! Foxgirls are also nice though.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 05:36

    Nekos again? Ain't the obsession with nekos a little too frequent recently?... More

Enticing Scathach Bikini Figure


Fate/Grand Order’s tightly dressed Scathach has gotten another opportunity to let it all hang out thanks to PM Office A and Plum, who have dressed her up once again in her special summer bikini that will no doubt have otaku buying her up in droves – Scathach can make dreams come true in July.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 24, 2017 23:39

    I'm aware that this pose is derived from the original artwork but it looks really boring.... More

  • Enfield Mundo commented on April 24, 2017 04:23

    You should see Lancer Artoria! Just think Saber from Stay-Night, but with a big-boobed grown woman's body instead :D... More

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